Sen? Could use some back up on this!!

So I’m part Vietnamese and hypothetically if I were to have a daughter I thought maybe I’d want to incorporate a name with that nationality. More than likely it’d be a MN.

So, the name [name]Sen[/name]. Supposedly it means lotus flower in Vietnamese.??

So how would you pronounce this name?

Is it silly to use this idea?

Any other good easily said Vietnamese related names?

I don’t think it’s silly at all if it represents your ancestory! I’m Welsh and will definitely use at least a Welsh middle name so I understand :slight_smile: Would you want it as a first name or middle?

I don’t know anything abotu Vietnames names but I found this awesome website:

My favourites that would fit best in an english speaking world are:

[name]Ly[/name] - lion
An - peace
Anh - intellectual brightness
Bian - secretive
[name]Cam[/name] - orange, mountain sunset
Han - faithful, moral
Khanh - precious stone (love this one!)
[name]Kim[/name] - gold, golden
Lan - orchid
Linh - gentle spirit
[name]Mai[/name] - cherry blossom
[name]Thanh[/name] - bright, sunny, light or “ear pleasing” sound or delicate, thing of high value
Thi - poem
Thien - heavenly
Thuy - friendly, gentle
Trinh - virginal girl
Tuyet - snow white

Best of luck :slight_smile: