Seven deadly sins names devils edition

:sparkles: I made a post for envy but I decided to delete that and just make a post for all of them.
as I said in the envy post please excuse grammar
name can be anything seriously anything any time period an object a word an animal an actual name any gender label etc

(all names I have are open to change)
I wanna try and keep this as short and sweet as possible so to start off;
Lust: Claudius(Orpheus), Russian gray wolf, Pyro and Storm
Sloth: Aamon, Opossum, Toxicity and Illusion
Greed: no set name, Sliver Fox, Electricity and Gravity
Gluttony: Revel, Humming Bird, Nature and Plague
Pride: no set name, Lion, Shadow and Time
Wrath: Odysseus, Moose, Metal and Sound
Envy: Phthonos(Phthonus/Zelus/Zealous), Python/Serpent, Wind and Arcane

Lust is the first sin, he is supposed to represent Satan. He is as old as time and honestly creepy uncle at the family reunion vibes :sob:. He is 6’7, has white hair and red eyes.

Sloth is the second sin, he is lusts right hand man even if he sleeps on the job most of the time. He is chill, the kind of guy to offer to pay for lunch but forgot his wallet at home. He is 5’7, has green hair and orange eyes.

Greed is the third sin, he is more of a loner. He really only hangs around the others when there’s money involved He comes off very cold but inside he has a heart made of dollar bills; greedy through and through. He is 5’9, has black hair and gold eyes.

Gluttony is the fourth sin, he is super sweet but that gets shoved under the rug when there’s food involved. He may be a kid but he is lowkey horrifying when someone steals his food. He is 5’0, has purple eyes, pink hair in the front and black in the back.

Pride is the fifth sin, I’m lowkey getting tired, this is getting long, and I’m pretty sure you get my point. Pride is prideful who could’ve guessed. She is 5’8, has black hair and blue eyes.

Wrath is the sixth sin. He is a pp, f him yo : (. He sucks other people off to get what he wants (petty revenge) all while completely lying about other people. He is prides older brother. He is 6’2, has black hair that fades to a tealish color at the very end and red eyes.

Envy is the seventh sin. Its 5’5, 5’6, has white with black hair ends in the back ig and orange eyes

Gender and age:
Lust masculine presenting m old as time
Sloth masculine presenting no label 18,000
Gluttony fem presenting m 10,000
Pride fem presenting f 19,000
Wrath masc presenting m 22,000
Envy androgynous somewhat masc presenting agenderflux 16,000

Lust: (Male)

Sloth: (Male)

Greed: (Male)

Gluttony: (Female)

Pride: (Female)

Wrath: (Male)

[name_f]Envy[/name_f]: (Neither)

Have fun writing your stories. Let me know what you end up going with. You have gotten me curious


thank you sm this helps a lot :place_of_worship: :sob:
they actually need a few names , since you said you were curious (idk if i will change these) here’s what i have so far

names assigned when they were reborn as devils
sloth: Aamon
greed: Jinyu
gluttony: Revel
pride: Ayu
wrath: Odysseus
envy: Phthonus/Phthonos
mortal disguise names:
lust: Ambrosios
gluttony: Zolhara
pride: Yoko
wrath: Teton
envy: Python
mortal life/life before they died names
envy: Zephyrus (it didn’t have a surname due to circumstances)
name given at first birth
lust: Claudius
envy: Zephyr
name everyone thinks is his name
lust: Orpheus

greed 2 names missing
sloth 2 names missing
wrath 1 name missing
pride 1 name missing
gluttony 1 name missing