I recently stumbled upon this name & am now loving it. I’m not sure exactly why, but I do know [name]Soren[/name] is a variant of [name]Severin[/name], and I have loved the name [name]Soren[/name] for quite some time! WDYT of [name]Severin[/name]? I do not ever see or hear this name, really, yet it has a sort of familiar feel…and is relatively easy to spell–all good things! So, berries, what’s your take on [name]Severin[/name]??

Like its meaning suggests, the name is indeed rather stern and severe, making it quite edgy. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing here, and I think it is quite a strong and quirky name without being too strange or harsh, but I would definitely prefer it in the middle.

Of Severin and Soren though, I greatly prefer the latter.

I’d take [name]Severin[/name] over [name]Soren[/name] any day. I think it’s actually got a nice sound although the meaning would probably remove it from contention for me. It also reminded me of [name]Severus[/name] Snape but that wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I think it’s very usable as long as the meaning doesn’t bother you.

I like it. I would probably use it in the middle on my own children, but I wouldn’t mind meeting a little boy named [name]Severin[/name]. It is a little stern sounding, and reminds me a bit of [name]Severus[/name] Snape, but neither of those things are deal breakers for me. [name]Rin[/name] and Sev make great nicknames too!

I find it very severe. I much prefer [name]Soren[/name], which I love.

I really, really love it!

Is this name said “sever in” in English? I only know the French prn (like sehy vrahn/seh vair ahn - my sad attempt at phonetics lol) and that would effect how I feel about the name but I think it can be said differently. Unfortunarely “sever in” makes me think of Severus Snape or severing ties. In France its related to a saint but here people might think of severe (its meaning) or Harry Potter. If they can get past that it might be nice.

Reminds me of [name]Venus[/name] in Furs…which is a [name]Velvet[/name] Underground song about a book by the same name.
In both the main character [name]Severin[/name] is a sadist who convinces his lover [name]Wanda[/name] to become a masochist…she’s resistant at first and later gets really into dominating him which eventually ruins their relationship. It’s actually a really good book. And song. But maybe naming your child after a character like this isn’t a great idea? I don’t know…it’s probably not very widely read.

I actually downloaded the book for free from [name]Kindle[/name] onto my iPhone (after reading your post) and it IS a really good read so far, so thank-you for that!!! In the beginning, a lot of good things are actually said about the character [name]Severin[/name] from a man who knew him for 3 years, so that’s a plus at least…haha. Anyway, thanks again for the tip about the book, I am really enjoying it thus far!

oooh I am so glad you’re reading this! It’s been awhile…but I remember it being so good! You might like The [name]Story[/name] of O as well…similar subject matter, but not as good as [name]Venus[/name] in Furs imo.

Also- I wouldn’t be against using the name because of the character…I really like the name [name]Anais[/name] which is also connected to erotica ([name]Anais[/name] [name]Nin[/name]). I really don’t think too many people would connect it to that anyway.

Now I’m going to have to download & reread!