Shapeshifter Names?

Are there any names that sound like it would be a name of a shapeshifter?


Names I imagine to be a shapeshifter in a fantasy book or something:

I think this should be in the writers forum?

The same as JK Rowling did in [name_m]Harry[/name_m] [name_m]Potter[/name_m] I would use a name that has an animal meaning:
[name_f]Orsa[/name_f] or [name_f]Ursula[/name_f] is little bear
[name_f]Leonor[/name_f] is lion
[name_f]Jemima[/name_f] is dove
[name_f]Deborah[/name_f] is bee
[name_u]Madigan[/name_u] is little dog
[name_f]Lupe[/name_f] is wolf
[name_f]Rachel[/name_f] is ewe

Or you could go for a name and middle name with contrasting meanings like light and night ([name_f]Helen[/name_f] [name_f]Lyla[/name_f]) or ascending descending ([name_f]Aliyah[/name_f] [name_f]Cadence[/name_f]) to indicate a changing nature.

I love [name_f]Oceana[/name_f], sounds mystical to me.
And this is a gem, but it sounds beautiful to me, [name_f]Lapis[/name_f] Lazurli. There’s a show were people are named after gems and shape shift, combine, and other stuff.