Shock, Horror!!

Why can’t I find my posts anymore? It was so handy at the top of the page
Why oh why can’t we edit anymore?
Why oh why is the font so small?
Help please!

I’m still looking for my posts too! I love to check back and see if people respond. [name]Do[/name] we have to subscribe to threads now to be able to track them?

Agreed - I LOVED the “View My Posts” link – has that history been wiped out? Or can I just not find it anymore?

The navigation is much harder because there are suddenly so many more words to read

Shock and horror are good words to describe my thoughts! I wasn’t expecting this…I feel like I’m the little kid at school again!

You can find your history of posts by clicking on your username where it says “[name]Welcome[/name], hhunter Notifications”. In there is a link on the left nav to “Find all Posts”

– [name]Hugh[/name]

Yes, I’m definitely not loving this new style. Please change it back! We’re all begging here! :frowning:

I clicked on my name and then clicked on “Find all posts” and it says I have none or it can’t find them.