sibling for oliver- narrowed down to 3...

my 2 year old son’s name is oliver. we’re expecting another baby boy in a few months. top 3 names we’re considering right now are [name]Elliot[/name], [name]Beckett[/name] and [name]Dashiell[/name].



I [name]LOVE[/name] your son’s name! [name]Love[/name] it! :slight_smile:

[name]Elliot[/name]: I love this name, as well as the potential [name]Eli[/name] and [name]Leo[/name] nicknames. The only drawback I can think of is that girls have been using this name lately, which may or may not bother you. Actually, now that I think of it, [name]Elliot[/name]'s beginning sound is a bit close to [name]Oliver[/name]. Hmm…

[name]Dashiell[/name]: I love this name, too, and like [name]Elliot[/name], can definitely see it with [name]Oliver[/name].

[name]Beckett[/name]: I think this name is very handsome, too, and can also see it with [name]Oliver[/name].

I’m going to vote for [name]Dashiell[/name] or [name]Beckett[/name] for the above reasons, but honestly think they’re all wonderful names.

Out of curiosity, do you like [name]Everett[/name]? It reminds me of [name]Elliot[/name]…

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I choose Dashiel. Dashiel and [name]Oliver[/name]…priceless.

I can’t decide between the 3! All fit so well with [name]Oliver[/name]

[name]Elliott[/name] - it may get tongue-twistery with the all the l’s, i’s and o’s. It may just be me. I love this name though.

[name]Dashiell[/name] - perfect with [name]Oliver[/name] and I love nn [name]Dash[/name]. Very handsome

[name]Beckett[/name] - makes [name]Oliver[/name] a little more modern I think. Still a very good pair. I don’t like this one as much by itself as the other two, although I like them all with [name]Oliver[/name].

I think I like [name]Dashiell[/name] best on its own and with big brother [name]Oliver[/name], and the shortened [name]Dash[/name] is the best, so that’s my vote.

dashiel most deffinatly!