sibling for Vanessa

[name]Love[/name] this site and wish I had your help when my darling was born 2 years ago. [name]Long[/name] story short, I have occasional twinges of namer’s remorse myself. (Though “[name]Vanessa[/name]” does seem to suit her well.) So I want to make all the more sure to “get it right” this second time. Can you help me with finding a name to go with [name]Vanessa[/name]'s? Many thanks!

I think [name]Vanessa[/name] is very pretty! :slight_smile:

I can see [name]Vanessa[/name] with similarly feminine, (at least slightly) exotic sounding names like:

[name]Vivienne[/name] (V theme, though)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Vanessa[/name]'s such a cute name, i know a few Vanessas that go by Ness:)

[name]Vanessa[/name] and


And boys

I like [name]Vanessa[/name]. It’s pretty in an understated way, sweet and simple. It sounds friendly, well-liked, and well-rounded.
Here are some names that I think have a similar feel and would match nicely.



Oops! I forgot the boys’ names! :slight_smile:


I can picture both classic and slightly exotic/romantic names with [name]Vanessa[/name].

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m sorry! But it is a pretty name, and you can always call her [name]Van[/name] or [name]Nessa[/name] or something! Something to go with her name:



Good luck!

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and great suggestions. Feeling better about our choice for the first one and a little less overwhelmed about naming the second one. You ladies are the best. :slight_smile:

My suggestions with [name]Vanessa[/name] - (sorry for repeats)

[name]Ione[/name] - eye-OH-nee


I’m sorry to hear that you are somewhat regretting your decision. I have to tell you, though, that my name is [name]Vanessa[/name], and [name]LOVE[/name] it. I have only met a handful of other [name]Vanessa[/name]'s my whole life, I get complements on it on a regular basis, and my husband thinks it’s a sexy name! I’ve never really had a nickname, though.

I will point out, too, that [name]Vanessa[/name] is a genus of [name]Butterfly[/name], and butterflies have always been an inspiration for me. I have really taken to heart that they overcome a slow, earth-bound experience to metamorphose into a gorgeous creature of flight. It gives me hope in tough times.

As for siblings, I think going with a name that is equally strong, uncommon, but not strange. Ideas:

[name]Alexander[/name] (really common, but shares other attributes)

I’m sorry - I’m having trouble thinking this morning. I’ll repost if I come up with more! I’m thinking something timeless, classic, long and feminine.