Sibling names beginning with the same letter

I was just wondering how people feel about giving siblings names that begin with the same letter, but not all of the siblings. I have a four-year-old daughter named [name]Sonja[/name] and a two-year-old son named [name]Forester[/name]. For child #3, both my husband and I love the name [name]Fletcher[/name] for a boy (we’re not considering any names that begin with ‘F’ or ‘S’ for a girl). I don’t just like it because it starts with the same letter as [name]Forester[/name] - I adore them both independently of one another. Would my daughter feel “left out” if her name didn’t start with an F? [name]Both[/name] my husband and I want a large family, so (hopefully) we’ll also be expecting a fourth child some time in the future (hopefully ending there) and we don’t like any other boy names that begin with F (besides the two afore mentioned). A close friend of mine, named [name]Maya[/name], has two brothers whose names begin with G. She never even thought about the fact that they shared a letter while she didn’t, but I’d just like some more opinions. Thanks!

With 3 kids, 2 beginning with F and one with S, I don’t think she’d feel left out no. If you had say 6 kids beginning with F and your DD with S, then maybe she’d notice it a bit more!

I think it would be fine. The boy could have the F’s and then she could have her S

I have the same initial as my older brother who is named after my father. I’m not sure if my mom was leaning toward “trend” of same initials, although it was popular at the time, as I have seen the list of all the names she was considering, and most of them do not begin with K. My younger sister has a name that starts with L. At that point, my mom was seriously considering all the K names she didn’t hate that weren’t already used in the neighborhood, and would have been a mistake. If either of us were boys, however, one of us would have been [name]Michael[/name].

Although her name doesn’t rhyme, it’s very close to [name]Karen[/name] without being a precious pairing. I don’t think she feels left out. It doesn’t seem odd for her to have another initial, and in fact is awesome because it would have been a mistake to adhere for the sake of naming her [name]Keisha[/name] because [name]Kathleen[/name] was “used,” she hated the nickname [name]Kim[/name], and couldn’t stand the likes of [name]Kelly[/name], and then all together 3 Ks, not a really smart move. [name]Keisha[/name] sounds distinctly different from the rest of our family while [name]Lauren[/name] does not.

I also grew up near a large family of 10 children who named all of the girls with S names (7 of them) and 3 boys with B names. That was definitely intentional, but you could look at it that way. It is not intentional, and you don’t have 10 children to really distinguish the boys from the girl by initial. If after one girl and two boys, the two boys sharing the same initial, then you had a third boy, I would avoid either initial. I don’t think it’s a big whup but then you get trapped if you overthink it. I think all the names you picked sound like siblings and there you go.

I know a family and the girls are named [name]Heather[/name] & [name]Hayley[/name]. They have a brother named [name]Sean[/name]. So, it would be perfectly fine if your boys have the same letter and not your little girl.