Sibling names for twins!

Because there’s nothing else to do. They are prepping her for surgery and because she will completely sedated all I can do is wait because I’m not aloud in. It’s okay that I’m posting according to her she just wants you to stop accusing us of being fake.

To those that matter our baby girls are finally here! I know it’s not birth announcements but I thought I would let you know :slight_smile: Nameshave nobeen decided, the mummy will be waking up soon, hopefull will have more news soon!

Hey now! Lol!

I literally went OMG should I delete my husband’s name from the bottom?
I know what you meant, but I hope that doesn’t make people think of me as a troll.
Of course, I don’t meet the other things, but I got a laugh. I think mine will stay
as I’ve got my ‘fur babies’ listed, too. :smiley:

Wow guys this seriously is NOT a supportive community. Would you really sit around and bitch and complain about people rather than ignoring or supporting them? This is BS seriously!

Your username is some_day_mumma. Why would that be your choice of username if you already had 5 children? You really didn’t think this through.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

[name_m]Don[/name_m]'t worry, I don’t think you’re a troll! I used to have my dog’s name in my signature, too!

Congratulations. We look forward to reading your fake birth announcement.

Seriously I’m not and their not fake! I am called some day mumma because my kids always say that and I thought it was beautiful not thinking it could have negative conentastions.

This is ridiculous seriously.