Sinead as a boy's name?

What do you berries say? Is it a passable name for a boy?

I think [name]Sinead[/name] is known widely for [name]Sinead[/name] OConnor so I wouldn’t use this name for a boy. Considering how people still hate her I wouldn’t use it for a girl either!

[name]Sinead[/name] is the Irish form of the female name [name]Jane[/name]. So, what’s wrong with [name]Sean[/name], [name]Seanan[/name] (“Shanawn”) [name]Shane[/name], or [name]Eoin[/name] ("[name]Owen[/name]") - all male forms of [name]John[/name]? If you would consider naming your son [name]Jane[/name], then by all means.

One part of me is saying, “Well, people name their daughters [name]Shawn[/name], so why not name a son [name]Sinead[/name]?” but I hate seeing boys’ names like [name]Shawn[/name] on girls, and the same should go for girls’ names on boys (actually, even more so, because unfortunately a boy is much more likely to be teased for having a wrong-gender name than a girl). I’m going to side with the previous poster who said it’s exactly the same as naming your son [name]Jane[/name]. Especially if someday he wants to visit [name]Ireland[/name].