Sister for Hailey

My husband and I are having a really difficult time agreeing on any names for our newest daugther who is due in 8 weeks! Our first daugther is [name]Hailey[/name] [name]Lynn[/name], so I’m looking for suggestions. Some names we have come up with on a ‘maybe’ list are [name]Samantha[/name], [name]Vanessa[/name], [name]Mackenzie[/name] & [name]Marissa[/name]. However none of them really feel like the right name for her. We don’t really like names that are too unique, and I don’t want something top 10 either. We have no middle names lined up, so any suggestions are appreciated! Oh and our last name starts with M, is 3 syllables, and ends in son… similar to [name]Morrison[/name].

[name]Do[/name] you like any of these?


[name]Hi[/name] there,
From your choices, [name]Vanessa[/name], [name]Marissa[/name], and [name]Samantha[/name] sound a little bit boring, and will take some time before they come back in style. [name]Mackenzie[/name] is a little cutesy to me.

Since [name]Hailey[/name] is a modern sounding name, I think a sibling with a modern sounding name would fit best. It would be cute if [name]Hailey[/name]'s sister also had a two syllable name.

What do you think of [name]Piper[/name] [name]Quinn[/name]?
first name suggestions- trying to think of 2 syllable names that are not too unique since you don’t like that: