Sister for Kay and Aqua?

Hello, everyone. New member, name-lover, and expecting mother here.

My partner and I gave birth to twin girls [name]Kaydence[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] (called [name]Kay[/name]) and [name]Aqua[/name] [name]Marie[/name] three years ago. I’m currently pregnant with another girl, and we’re having trouble with names. It’s difficult for us to find names that we like that sound nice with [name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name], both modern-ish word names. We don’t want another word name for the most part, which breaks the trend that our girls have already set. We have a pretty wide variety of names we like (I love [name]Sydney[/name] and [name]Genevieve[/name] equally, but they didn’t make it onto our list. xD.)

Names we both like:
[name]Ariadne[/name]/[name]Aria[/name] (Inception introduced me to it and I fell in love.)
[name]Sariah[/name] (To honor a [name]Sarah[/name]. We love it, but more as a middle name.)
[name]Madison[/name] (After “Uncle [name]Mattie[/name],” the girls’ father.)

Please do not suggest:
[name]Eva[/name] or anything with a similar sound
Any diminutive of [name]Henry[/name] or [name]Francis[/name].

Her last name would be Barelli. I am mostly Italian, my partner is mostly Irish.

Edited with more information:

[name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name] were decided as soon as we heard the news, as they were the names my partner and I loved since we were children. We’re not worried at all about what the people around us think. (My dad has been calling little [name]Kaydence[/name] “[name]Gunther[/name],” just like he told me he was going to when I first mentioned the name to him at fifteen.) We’re not exactly the most well-liked family in the neighborhood for reasons I won’t get into, and we don’t care whatsoever about a name’s popularity. ([name]Madison[/name] being high on the list, etc.) It doesn’t diminish from our like of the names, so if you can, don’t take popularity or trends into account. We’re going with that we like regardless.

Very difficult because to me those names are miles apart. [name]Kay[/name] is the name of two Aunties, yet [name]Aqua[/name] sounds very 60’s hippyish (like [name]River[/name] or [name]Storm[/name]). Ummmm…

[name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name] are quite hard to find a sibling for, mostly because they are, like you said, “modern” names. I think another name with the same feel, something that’s maybe not a traditional “name” but not necessarily a word, if you don’t want to go in that direction. Something like [name]Lola[/name], which is traditionally a nickname for [name]Dolores[/name], or [name]Eden[/name], which is a quasi-biblical-place-name would work because they are seemingly new sounding but they’re not actually new at all, they’ve just been reinvented… see what I’m saying? I actually think [name]Eden[/name] would be a perfect sibling to [name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name]. [name]Eden[/name] has a modern sound, [name]Edie[/name] is a nickname (which sounds nice with [name]Kay[/name]) and [name]Eden[/name] Barelli sounds nice. Onto your list…

[name]Ariadne[/name] - this name feels very heavy with the light-hearted sounding [name]Kaydence[/name]/[name]Kay[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name]. [name]Kaydence[/name], [name]Aqua[/name] and [name]Ariadne[/name]… it just doesn’t flow. I also caution against using names of recent movie characters because it tends to have a dating effect. [name]Ariadne[/name] Barelli is also a mouthful because of the double “ee” ending.
[name]Sariah[/name] - I love this as a middle. You should read some recent threads on naming remorse involving this name. [name]Sari[/name] could be another way to honor the name [name]Sara[/name]. [name]Sarai[/name] is another, in the bible it was [name]Sarah[/name]‘s original name.
[name]Shannon[/name] - very dated, but a pretty name nonetheless. If you like the sound/feel of [name]Shannon[/name] you might also like [name]Shea[/name], [name]Sloane[/name], and [name]Sheridan[/name]. I particularly like [name]Sheridan[/name] (nn [name]Sheri[/name]? Or [name]Dan[/name]/[name]Danny[/name]?) with [name]Kay[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name].
[name]Madison[/name] (After “Uncle [name]Mattie[/name],” the girls’ father.) - this name is so insanely popular. If you want to honor [name]Mattie[/name], I’d go with [name]Madeline[/name], [name]Matilda[/name] or [name]Martha[/name]. [name]Matilda[/name] would be the most fitting, I think, in your case.
[name]Raquel[/name] - this name just doesn’t feel right with [name]Kay[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name]. It’s also pretty dated.
[name]Nola[/name] - I love this name with [name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name]!
[name]Carly[/name] - not a huge fan of this name. I knew so many [name]Carly[/name]'s growing up, it feels 90s to me. Also don’t love it with Barelli.
[name]Hayden[/name] - [name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Hayden[/name] are a bit matchy.
[name]Cora[/name] - [name]Cora[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name] might seem a bit oceanic together. I guess because [name]Cora[/name] is close to [name]Coral[/name]. But I do love this name. Maybe [name]Nora[/name] or [name]Clara[/name] instead?
[name]Violet[/name] - this one’s technically a word, but I think it goes very well in your set nonetheless.
[name]Marley[/name] - This name has the right feel with [name]Kaydence[/name] and [name]Aqua[/name], though it makes me think of dogs since the movie [name]Marley[/name] and Me. But I think it’d be sweet on a little girl.

My favorite from your list are [name]Nola[/name] & [name]Violet[/name]. [name]Kaydence[/name], [name]Aqua[/name] and [name]Nola[/name]. [name]Kaydence[/name], [name]Aqua[/name] and [name]Violet[/name]. Anyway, here are some other names you might like. I tried to avoid word names but some did slip in.

[name]Echo[/name] (a mythological nymph, and also a word)
[name]Aria[/name] (sleeker than [name]Ariadne[/name], and much more modern sounding)

[name]Hope[/name] that helps!

Thanks for your help. We love [name]Sheridan[/name], and that’s now replaced [name]Shannon[/name] on our list. [name]Aria[/name] (Which was, incidentally, a name I loved as a child.), [name]Hadley[/name], [name]Aspen[/name], [name]Blair[/name], and [name]Ellery[/name] have also made it on.

[name]Mai[/name]’[name]Le[/name] (pronounced [name]Miley[/name] or [name]May[/name]-[name]Lee[/name])
[name]Raina[/name] (rain-uh)

I’m really intrigued by your daughters’ names… I think they actually make a great sibset even if it’s a bit unconventional. From your list, I think the name that works best (and is my personal favorite) is [name]Violet[/name]. But if you’re sure you don’t want another word name, I have to second a previous poster’s suggestion of [name]Matilda[/name] to honor [name]Mattie[/name]. It’s funny, my partner and I were actually thinking of something along those lines to honor his best childhood friend [name]Matt[/name], whom our children also call “Uncle [name]Mattie[/name]!” Interesting coincidence. If you love the name [name]Madison[/name], though, go for it.

I also really like [name]Hadley[/name], as long as it’ paired with a really feminine middle name. And [name]Aria[/name] would be lovely, but I think it’s a bit too similar to [name]Aqua[/name].

Good luck!

I like [name]Hadley[/name], [name]Sheridan[/name] and [name]Ellery[/name] best from your list. Good luck!