Sister for Sydney Katherine

[name]Just[/name] found out we are having a second girl and struggling to come up with a name my husband and I both love as much as we loved [name]Sydney[/name] [name]Katherine[/name]. I like using [name]Michelle[/name] as a middle name. Some names I like, but my husband isn’t really excited about:

[name]Hayden[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Alexis[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Hadley[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]

Need help with more ideas. Thanks!

Congratulations! I’ve been loving [name]Hadley[/name] lately but if DH doesn’t like it, how about:

[name]Bailey[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Mallory[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Kennedy[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Hollis[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Emerson[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Delaney[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Harper[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Quincy[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Darcy[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]
[name]Larkin[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]

Good luck!