Sister Wives

I’m sure most of us have heard about or seen the show.

What is your opinion on it? Would you ever consider that type of lifestyle?

This might be considered a somewhat religious topic…but I’ll answer anyway.

The idea of sister wives is so foreign to me, but, after watching the show, I could almost see the advantage of it. Having other mothers helping to raise your children would be beyond helpful.
There are a few issues for me with it… Polygamy is a Mormon practice, which I do not and would never adhere to. Also, polygamy is illegal. Last, I can’t imagine sharing a husband with other women. That would be really difficult.

So…while the show is strangely addictive, it is not the lifestyle I would ever choose.

[name]Just[/name] a clarification, Mormons have not practiced or participated in polygamy since 1890.

Also, this is way too religious of a topic for nameberry.

I agree the topic of the lifestyle is not appropriate. But to get us back on Nameberry subject, does anyone know the children’s names? I’ve never seen the show but I caught some of a special they played. I’ll list the names I remember:

[name]Gwendolyn[/name] (I was a little disappointed to see my DD’s rather rare name on such a pop culture show!)

[name]Dayton[/name] (I think this one’s a stepson so they didn’t intentionally rhyme with [name]Peyton[/name], but that’s why I remember them!)

Anybody know the others?

I REALLY enjoy this show. I have a friend who grew up in [name]Utah[/name], she’s now an ex-LDS, but her family are still Mormons. She had told us that people did in fact live like the Browns, but the only people that knew were either VERY close friends & family.

[name]Sister[/name] Wife #1 is [name]Meri[/name]… They have a daughter, [name]Mariah[/name], 15.

#2 is [name]Janelle[/name], she has 5 children with [name]Kody[/name]… [name]Logan[/name], 15, [name]Madison[/name] 14, [name]Hunter[/name], 13, [name]Garrison[/name], 11, [name]Gabriel[/name], 8, and [name]Savanah[/name], 5.

#3 is [name]Christine[/name]. Thye have 6.
[name]Aspyn[/name], 14, [name]Mykelti[/name], 13, Paedon, 11, Gwenelyn, 8, [name]Isabel[/name], 6, and a newborn, [name]Truely[/name].

His 4th wife is [name]Robyn[/name], and she has 3 children of her own, [name]Dayton[/name], 10, [name]Aurora[/name], 7, and [name]Breanna[/name], 5.