I’ve posted before about the name [name]Dania[/name] and how I love it after meeting a girl in my ninth grade class with the name. I’ve been looking around and found a name that I loved a couple of years ago but kind of forgot about. What do you think about [name]Nadia[/name]? Could [name]Dania[/name] and [name]Nadia[/name] be sisters? I kinda like them together…

Although I like both [name]Dania[/name] and [name]Nadia[/name] individually, I think they may be a little close for sisters. I think its doable, but I personally would be tongue-tied.

I think they are too close.

I don’t mind anagrams in theory and think it can be a cool link between names… but these two sound really close to me to live in the same house! I could see naming a [name]Dania[/name] after a [name]Nadia[/name] or the other way around.

Then again, in my house (after nicknames which were never intended came into play) we had [name]Jan[/name], [name]Jen[/name] and [name]Jon[/name]. We survived. :slight_smile: