Sleep problem

Hello everyone,
I’m planning to give birth at the end of this year, BUT…

I have always been able to sleep through anything…until the last few weeks. I was diagnosed with spine curves. The pain and aching in my back, hips, and shoulders wake me up during the night. That has never happened until a few weeks ago.
I just try to wait to get into bed until I’m really tired, so I fall asleep right away before the pain is horrible!
I did some google research and found these articles helpful for sleep problems:

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] that might be helpful!

Anyway, how do you manage to get a good sleep? What do you do?


Sorry about your diagnosis! [name_f]Glad[/name_f] you’ve found some things to help. Personally, secind trimester on I have trouble sleeping. [name_m]Just[/name_m] tossing and turning can’t seem to turn my mind off sometimes and the random aches and pains of pregnancy just make it so I can’t get comfortable. For me, using a spray on magnesium oil helps so much. I use Ancient Minerals brand. It helps with tired muscles and has helped some pregnancy induced vericose veins in my calves as well. But, mostly it helps me get restful sleep. The doesage for adults is 5 sprays, but I can on use 3 or 4 because 5 sprays and I sleep so hard I won’t wake up to my alarm and feel almost groggy in the morning. Magnesium is a great supplement when pregnant and can help with many things.

I’m not, nor have ever been, pregnant. However, I do have scoliosis. I struggled with sleeping a lot, especially after being “freed” from my back brace after two years. (Basically, your body gets used to the support of a hard plastic shell, and can no longer support itself!) I found that sleeping on my side (experiment to see which side feels better) and tucking a pillow under my mid to lower back helped relieve pressure. Honestly, it’s just a lot of trial and error, but I hope you can find something that works for you! :heart:

Thanks a lot for your support and replies <3
It means a lot to me

Hi I had terrible insomnia when I was pregnant with my second and I still get bouts of it now.
When I was heavily pregnant I’d sleep with a pillow in-between my legs. You can also buy the long pregnancy pillows to help with bump support. I also have to have a cool temperature in the room.