Soap Opera Name Generator

The title pretty much explains it. You enter your full name and it comes up with a soap opera name for you.

What is your real first name and your soap opera name?
Real name- [name]Allison[/name]
Soap name- [name]Tiffany[/name] Vanderbilt

Fun! My soap opera name is [name]Faith[/name] [name]Berkeley[/name]. My super hero name is The Charismatic Inferno, and my cute name is Pookiefoof!

I’m [name]Emma[/name] Rockefeller, the soap star; [name]Paulie[/name] Gasey Napolitano, the mobster;and The Radioactive Ninja!

My soap opera name is [name]India[/name] [name]Forrester[/name]. Super hero name is The Amazing Mariner. My mafia name is Loui The Executioner Lonardo. My leprechaun name is Five Finger Discount O’[name]Brien[/name].

Pleased to meet you. I am [name]Serendipity[/name] Vanderbilt (my soap-opera name) and [name]Bobby[/name]-[name]Sue[/name] [name]Houston[/name] (my redneck name). That was fun-thanks!

Soap [name]Opera[/name] Name: [name]Trixie[/name] Cavendish