Sophie or Sophia?

So I’m not pregnant yet but I’m thinking of names. I’d like to name my baby (babies?) after my grandparents. My favorite family name is [name]Violet[/name], so I would use it as a middle name. I also love [name]Sophie[/name]/[name]Sophia[/name] as a first name, I loved it before it became popular.

So which do you think sounds better- [name]Sophie[/name] [name]Violet[/name] or [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name]?

With [name]Violet[/name], I think [name]Sophia[/name] flows better. It flows very nicely! [name]Just[/name] be prepared to run into a lot of other little [name]Sophie[/name]'s and [name]Sophia[/name]'s your daughter’s age. My name is [name]Sophia[/name] (I’m in my mid twenties so I was named way before it became popular) and I hear my name everywhere these days. That being said, if it doesn’t bother you and you love the name, go for it! :slight_smile:

I agree [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name] sounds beautiful!

[name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name] is beautiful! [name]Sophie[/name] sounds like a nickname to me, I much prefer [name]Sophia[/name], and you can always call her [name]Sophie[/name] sometimes.

I agree that [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name] is gorgeous and its always nice to have the option of using [name]Sophia[/name] or [name]Sophie[/name], which kind of only works if its [name]Sophia[/name] with [name]Sophie[/name] as a nn- [name]Sophie[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name] are both beautiful though, so you really cant go wrong :]

I agree with everyone else! [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name] is lovely. Like you, I love both [name]Sophie[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name], and it was the name of a loved one. I, too, loved it before its popularity, and it’s one of those names that holds too much meaning for me to dismiss due to overuse. It’s so beautiful and timeless.

Best wishes!

One more thing- my last name is one syllable long, so [name]Sophia[/name] actually sounds better with my last name than [name]Sophie[/name].

It sounds like [name]Sophia[/name]'s the winner!

I’m going to go against the crowd and say [name]Sophie[/name]. [name]Sophia[/name] is much more popular so your girl will have a more distinctive name. To me, [name]Sophie[/name] is more down to earth than [name]Sophia[/name].

I like [name]Sophia[/name] best, definitely. I also think it flows nicely with [name]Violet[/name].


[name]Sophia[/name] for sure!

I loved it before it became popular too! I also liked it [name]Sofia[/name]

My friend just had twins [name]Sophia[/name] and [name]Grace[/name]

I’m hardly objective here, but I’ve always prefered [name]Sophie[/name]. She feels lighter than [name]Sophia[/name] to me, and more grounded. Again, I’m incredibly biased, but it grates me when people ask if my name is actually [name]Sophia[/name] (though it is very rare down here, as [name]Sophie[/name] is now a top 10 pick, whilst [name]Sophia[/name] isn’t). [name]Sophie[/name] [name]Violet[/name] has more energy and buoyancy than [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name], [name]IMO[/name], but the latter feels richer.

Plus as a pp [name]Sophia[/name] mentioned, i was named well before [name]Sophie[/name] became so popular down here, and when I take my kids to the park my head is turning every 5 mintes as I hear my name being called!! But if that doesn’t bother you, go for either of them - they’re both lovely!

Either one is beautiful, really. I agree with [name]Sophie[/name] that [name]Sophie[/name] [name]Violet[/name] sounds more lively. Personally I would pick [name]Sophia[/name] though, since you can then call her [name]Sophie[/name], but you can’t call [name]Sophie[/name] [name]Sophia[/name], so with [name]Sophia[/name] you really get both. [name]Sophia[/name] is one of my favorite names, and I nannied an adorable little [name]Sofia[/name], and I really enjoy saying her name. Though, I probably called her [name]Sofie[/name] about half the time. Ha, I’m not very helpful. I like them both, lovely picks! Particularly beautiful with [name]Violet[/name]!

My cousin named his daughter [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name]. My aunt is named [name]Violet[/name]. [name]Sophia[/name] is an adorable little girl!

[name]Both[/name] names are lovely, but [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Violet[/name] flows better.