sorry another hawaiian name question..please help me!

See the results of this poll: which combo do you like best…please read my post before selecting :slight_smile: thanks!

Respondents: 9 (This poll is closed)

  • Madeleine Hokunani Rodriguez (hokunani means beautiful star) : 4 (44%)
  • Madeleine Lili’u Rodriguez (lili’uis the last queen of hawaii’s name that ive fallen in love with…problem is the literal meaning is irritation :/: 1 (11%)
  • Madeleine Kanani Rodriguez (means beautiful and is my own mn, but i would really really likve for the baby to have her own mn: 4 (44%)

Hokunani is my choice, it has the best meaning imo. I agree she should have her own middle name and the other option just doesn’t stick out. GL!

My family is from hawaii, so we all have hawaiian middle names. Mine is [name]Makani[/name], and my moms is Mahealani- just to give you some more ideas :slight_smile: I also like Kailani.