I”m not pregnant, just ruminating names. : )

[name]Do[/name] you guys know any variants for the name [name]Stanley[/name]? We have a family friend named [name]Stan[/name] ([name]Stanley[/name])” he is a very sweet man and has been through a lot during his life. I think he”d make a great namesake!

Problem is I don”t like the name [name]Stanley[/name] at all. I find [name]Stan[/name] to be a possibility, but I think it sounds too much like a nickname.

Any suggestions?

Again, I”m not pregnant” just a bit of a name nerd. Thank you! : )


Hmmm, [name]Stanley[/name] is a tough one. I did a little bit of looking and was only able to come up with these minimal options:


However, [name]Stanley[/name] does mean “stony meadow” or “stony clearing”, so you could choose a name that has the meaning “stone”. This brings up more ideas, such as:

[name]Stone[/name] (the literal choice, but short, handsome, and to the point!)
[name]Dunstan[/name] - “brown stone”
[name]Alston[/name] - “elf stone”
[name]Easton[/name] - apparently, this may mean “island of stones”
[name]Eben[/name] - “stone”, pronounced either EE-ben or EH-ben
[name]Langston[/name] - “long stone”
Steinar - “stone fighter”
[name]Thurston[/name] - “[name]Thor[/name]'s stone”
[name]Winston[/name] - “joyful stone”
[name]Wystan[/name] - “battle stone”

I hope this ideas help you out. My personal favorite would have to be [name]Winston[/name], since I think its a classic name with such an appealing meaning that would definitely honor your [name]Stanley[/name].


Actually I really love the name [name]Stanley[/name]. But you’d have to live in a super hip area in order to pull it off.

I personally love [name]Stanley[/name] (: you could also get [name]Stan[/name] from [name]Constantine[/name], if that helps

Oooh, great list! Thank you very much!

I really like the idea of [name]Stone[/name]. It’s very strong and masculine. : ) I would go with just [name]Stan[/name], but I think it sounds too short, and I’m afraid the poor boy would have to continually correct people. : )

Thanks again for your suggestions!