Stuck in a Rut

My name is [name]Kate[/name] and my husband’s name is [name]Kyle[/name].
When we had our first daughter, we named her [name]Kadence[/name] in honor of DH’s twin brother [name]Kade[/name]. When our son came along, we really loved the name [name]Kellen[/name]. Now we’re pregnant with baby #3 and we feel obligated to keep using K-names.

I love our kids’ names and I wouldn’t change 'em for anything, I just feel stuck in a rut.
Any suggestions/ideas? There are K names we like for this baby, we just don’t want to run out of good names and end up naming one of our kids something weird.

[name]Hi[/name] :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on how many children you plan on (but more about how many you actually have), as to whether you continue using ‘K’ names. If you can think of 4 or 5 ‘K’ names that you both absolutely love than I think you’re safe. If however at #3 you’re struggling to think of one, I’d be hesitant to continue. I think you can get away with the first two having names starting with ‘K’ and then moving on to a different letter but if your first three start with ‘K’ I’d say that’s a definite theme and you’d be obliged to stick with it.

Maybe you could consider ‘C’ names that have the same hard ‘K’ sound, then from there it opens it up to ‘Ch’ names or ‘C’ names that have a softer ‘S’ sound.

Some ideas for ‘K’ and ‘C’ names:



[name]Cameron[/name] (works for a boy too)

Good [name]Luck[/name]!

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

I don’t think you should feel obligated to use another K name. My parents have 5 kids, and the first 3 have K names, and the last 2 do not. When they named #4, everyone asked if they ran out of K names, but they explained that it was just the names they liked- it was coincidence that they started with K. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I doubt your child will have a complex from not having a K name as well.

Are you planning on having more children? Id say if you are going to have 4 or more I wouldnt feel obligated to continue the theme. Having two K names and two non K names wouldnt be weird at all.

You should pick a name for your child because you love it. If you love more K names, then more power to you, use a K name! If not, I don’t think it’s the end of the world to stray from the theme, especially if you end up having two or more children who will not have K names. I think it’s more important that you be able to tell your child you picked a name you loved rather than a name you only thought was okay but fit the theme. That being said, I think there are a bunch of great K names you could use to fit with [name]Kadence[/name] and [name]Kellen[/name]:

Girls: [name]Karsten[/name], [name]Keira[/name], [name]Kaia[/name]/[name]Kaya[/name], [name]Kendall[/name], [name]Kimberley[/name], [name]Kimball[/name], [name]Karina[/name], [name]Katrina[/name], [name]Kara[/name], [name]Keturah[/name], [name]Kalilah[/name], [name]Kallista[/name], [name]Kensington[/name], [name]Kendra[/name], [name]Katya[/name], [name]Kismet[/name], [name]Kennedy[/name].

Boys: Kramer, [name]Kai[/name], [name]Kirby[/name], [name]Knox[/name], [name]Keegan[/name], [name]Kane[/name], [name]Keanu[/name], [name]Keaton[/name], [name]Keifer[/name], [name]Kieran[/name], [name]Kent[/name], [name]Keane[/name], [name]Kingsley[/name], Kipton, Kipling.

I think [name]Kadence[/name], [name]Kellen[/name], [name]Keira[/name] and [name]Kirby[/name] would make an awesome set.

I’m wondering if the name [name]Nicholas[/name] nn [name]Cole[/name] would work. That way you give yourself flexibility with future children’s names but if he ends up being your last he wouldn’t be the odd one out.