Suggested Corrections to Database (Girls' Names)

Two different names appear to have been run together here. “[name]Aobh[/name]” already exists in the database. I would suggest deleting the entry for “Aioffeaobh” and creating a separate entry for “Aoiffe.” (o before i, in the name)

Two names once again run into each other. I suggest deleting this entry. You already have separate entries for “[name]Honoria[/name]” and “[name]Honorine[/name].”

Error with “(continued” running into name. Katoh either needs its own entry, or you want to delete “Katoh(continued” from the database.

Listed as a feminine name. This is definitely a masculine name ” the name of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

I think you want to delete one of those “z’s” in “Tzzipporah.” Also, the entry states that Tzzipporah is “a variation of [name]Zippora[/name].” Actually, it’s the other way around ” [name]Zippora[/name] is a variation of Tzippora. (In Hebrew, the name is spelled with the Hebrew letter called “tsadi.”)

I don’t know how this one made it into the Nameberry database, as I’ve never heard of this being “a variation of [name]Zaza[/name].” It looks like this might be a data entry error accidentally picked up from the entry for the Hebrew name “[name]Zaza[/name],” where you’ve written: “Almost too za-za-zoom for it’s own good.”

[name]Ahava[/name]'s variations
None of the variations listed in the entry for [name]Ahava[/name] appear in your database. (Ahavah, Ahaba, Ahabah, Ahuva, Ahuvah) I noticed that generally you tend to include all listed variations of a name in your database with separate entries of their own.

Finally, is there any possibility of adding the following feminine names to your database?: [name]Hypatia[/name], Koraline, and [name]Nephele[/name]? :slight_smile:

– [name]Nephele[/name]

I’ve mentioned this before but it still has not been corrected:

The entry for [name]Ivana[/name] contains a link in the word Mrs. (Trump), and following the link, the entry for Mrs. says that it is a variation of [name]Ivana[/name].

OK, thanks–we’ll be straightening these out. Obviously Za-za-zoom a computer error picked up from some definition, as sometimes happened.

[name]Glad[/name] to be of help. Next up is the Boys Database. :slight_smile:

– [name]Nephele[/name]

[name]Just[/name] wondering if Elderly was intended to be a variation of [name]Eldora[/name]- it gave me a giggle either way!

[name]Ismene[/name]- it says ”This is a variation of [name]Emeny[/name],” but [name]Ismene[/name] has a history of its own. It is the name of [name]Antigone[/name]'s sister in Greek mythology.

I’m wondering why [name]Elias[/name] is listed as both a boy and girl name? There were no little girls named [name]Elias[/name] last year, but over 2000 boys were given that name. [name]Don[/name]'t mean to start a “unisex name” debate, but I think a name should at least be given to both genders before it’s listed as a unisex name. If I could take it a step further, ideally a name would be in the top 1000 for either gender before it’s listed. [name]Just[/name] my two cents :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] wondering why the suggested corrections accepted or rejected keep popping up after login.

Why do they keep appearing in blue, when they have been process?


[name]Martin[/name] D.