Suggestion for Indian-American names for a boy

[name]Hi[/name] All,

I am expecting a boy in a few months and am looking for a name that can be pronounced easily by Indians and Americans. I personally would like the name to be of [name]Indian[/name] orgin but any unique name with beautiful meaning is also good. We have plenty of [name]Chad[/name]'s and [name]Scott[/name]'s in the family.

A friend of mine recommended ARYAM- meaning first ray of sunshine. Any thoughts? All suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

Aryam is a lovely name, although it does sound a bit like R.E.M. when said aloud. One of my favorite Hindi names is Ashwin, the word for (according to a student of mine) the first star of the evening. Bonus: [name]Ash[/name] is a super-cool nickname.

Well, I grew up near one of the larger [name]Indian[/name] communities in central NJ, and am used to hearing most of these:

Asim (love the meaning"Boundless, limitless)
Singh (I’ve seen this as a first name and as a surname.)

I don’t have any problem saying any of these, I hope it helps a bit, good luck! :slight_smile:

Ooh, [name]Dev[/name]. Very cool.

I also like [name]Ravi[/name]. And I knew a [name]Milan[/name] (pronounced Mill-en) whose name I always admired. Aryam is cool, a little hard to pronounce but the nickname [name]Ary[/name] might help.

[name]Dev[/name], [name]Ravi[/name], [name]Rajiv[/name], Prasad

I did go to school with a number of people of [name]Indian[/name] descent with [name]Indian[/name] names that I remember - the boys:

Ketan ([name]KAY[/name]-ten) - (I like it except for close sound to [name]Kate[/name]/[name]Katey[/name])
Srinivas (I think this one is hard to say)

I had a boss named:
Prasad (He had a longer name ________prasad, and was just called Prasad, but I forget the first part).

I worked in a daycare center and one baby was named:
Jayram ([name]JAY[/name]-rahm)

I really like Jayram

I don’t know what any of them means.

I think that [name]Dev[/name] (given a boost by Slumdog Millionaire star [name]Dev[/name] Patel) and Ashwin (with great nn [name]Ash[/name]) are the coolest. After that I like Aryam. [name]Vijay[/name] is also cool and accessible due to the association I get with V.J.s–the video equivalent to disc jockeys. Good [name]Luck[/name] and let us know what you end up with.
My one concern with Aryam is whether people would be confused about how many syllables are in this name; thinking it might be Ar-yahm, or Ar-ee-yam. So that’s something to concern.