Hi All

If you had to give Super [name_m]Powers[/name_m] to characters that represented the 4 Elements, what would they be?

Pls no… control water, make it rain, control fire, burn stuff, wind storm etc etc

Would love to hear original, unique, different ideas ?



Hmm…maybe water could be an empath and manipulate emotions. Because water can be very calming, but it can also be scary (like a huge wav coming towards you or an intense storm).

Earth could manipulate gravity, or make things grow/shrink…

Fire could even be a healer, because there’s a certain type of tree that needs wildfires to scorch the groun for its seeds to grow. And there’s that trope of burning things from your past to be cathartic.

Which leaves wind. First thought is teleportation, since wind moves things like seeds from one place to another.