What does everyone think of the name Tag [name]Jones[/name]? I think I like it, but not sure if it is too weird. I want something different because of the common last name. Any opininons would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

Honestly… no. As a little boy chances are he’ll spend a lot of his days playing tag, as in the game where you run around tagging people yelling “you’re it!”. Things would get confusing for him and possible teasing potential is blatant.

Aside from that, when he’s growing up he has to be the Tag who’s trying to get dates with girls then the Tag who might want to be a heart surgeon or a rocket scientist, would you take someone seriously if they were called Tag?

To me it’s definitely not a name and has no potential to be a name. If it’s different you’re after, there are plenty of actual names, not invented ones, with real history and meaning. Some suggestions:


Any of those appeal to you? Good [name]Luck[/name]:slight_smile:

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

[name]Don[/name]'t like it, I think the one before me had some good alternatives

I agree with the above. It sounds very [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Palin[/name] to me: [name]Trig[/name], [name]Track[/name], Tag… It has a lot of energy and may sound like a ‘cool’ name, but I don’t think it has enough substance to serve a boy well throughout life.

I agree with the previous posters about it not being a good idea to make Tag your son’s full first name. BUT, I also happen to think that Tag is a very fun and playful nickname. Tag [name]Jones[/name] sounds like a lively, spirited little boy and even like a pretty cool guy when he’s all grown up (so long as he has something else to put on his resume, etc). I think the way to go here is to come up with a name that allows you to use Tag as a nickname. Maybe you could do two middle names and have initials that spell Tag?
For example, [name]Thomas[/name] [name]Adam[/name] [name]Gregory[/name] [name]Jones[/name].

I agree with jlm. My husband’s gamer tag online is Tag and most of his friends call him that. They all call each other their gamer tags, so some of the others are [name]Kami[/name], Cryo and [name]Yoko[/name]… I think Tag is the best name of his friends.

I don’t think I would like it if Tag were my real name, but I think it would make a great nickname, even one that he uses exclusively. Tag [name]Jones[/name] definitely sounds like a cool guy.

I think any T name could work, or anything combining a and g (like [name]Algernon[/name], but you probably don’t want to name him [name]Algernon[/name]!). Or like jlm said, initials spelling Tag… I think you could even just leave out the A and have initials TG (my sons initials are DDRB and I call him [name]Derby[/name] and [name]Darby[/name] sometimes, and my initials used to be LJT and I called myself Legit… I think you can throw vowels in there, personally!)… Or something along the lines of [name]Thomas[/name] [name]Algernon[/name]… sorry I keep using [name]Algernon[/name], I can’t think of anything else!

Oh, OR, you could just name him anything you want and call him Tag, why not?

Tag [name]Jones[/name] was the name of [name]Eddie[/name] Cahill’s character on “Friends.” Dated [name]Rachel[/name] for about half a season.

I understand wanting a different first name with a common last…but this one may not be so different…I think a lot of people COULD make that connection. Not one name…just both together.

Was it Tag or [name]Tad[/name]?

Was it Tag or [name]Tad[/name]?[/quote]

It was [name]Tad[/name]

Was it Tag or [name]Tad[/name]?[/quote]

It was [name]Tad[/name][/quote]

On IMDB it says Tag [name]Jones[/name] was the Friends character

It was [name]Tad[/name][/quote]

On IMDB it says Tag [name]Jones[/name] was the Friends character[/quote]

I remember it as Tag also, but mostly my impression of the quirky name was that it was likely short for something.

Could be short for [name]Taggart[/name], a surname name I haven’t seen yet.

He introduced himself as TAG [name]JONES[/name] in an interview. I assume he was sharing his full name in that formal setting. And I am sure it’s TAG, not [name]TAD[/name]. I’ve watched it way too much, lol.

In the end, apparently, not a lot of people will associate the name with the character…so, to the original poster, I do think it’s a cute name!

I also immediately think of the Friends character.

i also think of the Friends character…but honestly i don’t hate the name and the guy on Friends was pretty cute. I would probably name him [name]Taggart[/name] but maybe not…i like short word names though. I seriously doubt a kid would get made fun of because his name is also a kid game and whats so bad about that?? my sons name is dash and i guess people could make fun of him if he ever decides to run the 50 yard dash or whatever but they could make fun of every name for some stupid reason.