Teenage Moms

A thread for teenage moms! I’m not a teenager now but I had my first daughter at 16. I know I would have loved to have someone to discuss worries etc. (other than my very disapproving parents) with who understood so here I am - ask away! I’m sure there are a few others on here who can chip in too :slight_smile:

Sorry guys! [name]Just[/name] discovered the previous threads! Can’t delete this one now though. So feel free to use it!

I was a teen mom at 16 too. I am now 28 and pregant with #4. My oldest is now 11.5 a son. Then a daughter 6(almost 7), then a daughter 3.5, and a baby girl due in a few months. By the way I like to watch Teen Mom on MTV and hope I wasnt anything like those teenage mothers. yikes!

I’m not a teen mom, I’m 20, but I did get pregnant at 19.

Whether 15 or 19 seems parents have many of the same issues.

Not a teen-mom, but I have a friend who’s sister got pregnant at 20. Her family had money, that was a good thing. When little [name]Griffin[/name] [name]Angelo[/name] turned 3, and his mommy had a job as a waitress, part-time, they moved in with her new boyfriend, who was 6 years older and was in school to become a doctor. She has been with that guy ever since, and it has been 4 years since she moved in with him, and [name]Griffin[/name] is now a happy 7 year old, who loves Superman, and likes to play [name]Mario[/name] on his DSI, and loves to take his dog, Poohbear for a walk with his parents. His mom got married when she was 25…

I’m not, and don’t plan too, but I do have a friend who’s sister got pregnant at 18. The girl was engaged, but it was one of those engagements like we’ll get married when we finish college but just to let you know we’re commited. It was a big problem because their families are extremely religious catholics, but they decided to ignore it as long as they were married before the baby came. They haven’t any problems because they’re both extemely upper-class, and to give them credit also very mature and in love. Their baby is [name]Clara[/name] [name]Patricia[/name] (husband is [name]Patrick[/name]). I know the sister is at [name]Stanford[/name], and I think he’s in college as well.

I got pregnant at 19 - I had turned 20 before my son was born, though. I was already married, but I don’t think my parents would’ve minded even if I hadn’t been. I always heard all the little disapproving comments from strangers, though. Once, a very nasty older woman once said something about unwed teenage mothers ending up on welfare. I turned around, told her I was married and that my husband and I owned a business - shut her up pretty quickly.