The Family Name Drama (AKA - My DH is a IVth)

Berries - I’m new to the site, and need some of your brilliant assistance.

My DH is a [name]Frank[/name] IV (no middle name) Italian/[name]German[/name] - his family, of course, wants us to continue this ridiculousness. I told them, since we’re not royalty, or popes, it’s not happening. I’m English/[name]German[/name]. We have an Italian last name “F-”, but our children will only be 25%.

I finally got the DH to agree on an alternate boy name of [name]Luca[/name] - which I also love, but am now afraid it will be too popular, since there have been 2 recent celebrity babies given this name. sigh

For a girl - I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Camille[/name], or maybe [name]Corinne[/name].

My sister and I were the last “Preckwinkle” (maiden name), so I would love to tie some of my family names in as well ([name]Peri[/name]?).

Other family names -
[name]Alice[/name] (my deceased [name]MIL[/name] - I would like to use this somehow if we have a girl).
[name]August[/name] (my great grandfather’s middle name)
[name]Bower[/name]/Bowyer (my grandfather’s middle name/ my great-grandmother’s maiden name)
Achssa (my other great-grandmother’s first name - then pronounced “[name]Axe[/name]-Uh”, I would love it pronounced “[name]Ash[/name]-ahh”
Shipman (great-grandmother’s last name)
[name]Cary[/name] (grandmother’s maiden name)
[name]Allen[/name] (my mother’s maiden name)
[name]Scott[/name] (my father’s middle name)

I definitely need to do some more digging on my DH’s side for names, but I thought you might be able to come up with something brilliant with these, to start…
There’s also a chance I could be carrying twins (will know in a couple of weeks) - so add that one to the puzzle!

Thank you in advance
[name]Janell[/name] [name]Leilani[/name]

You have some fabulous names to choose from. [name]Camille[/name] and [name]Alice[/name] are my favorites from your girl choices. I love [name]August[/name] and [name]Scott[/name] for your boy. I am personally not a fan of [name]Luca[/name], however, it does seem to be becoming more popular.

Good for you! My cousin is in a similar place… her husband is a IV too, and her husband said that the next kid with be the V, and he’ll nickname him ‘Five’. Ugh. I was really hoping she’d be having a girl just so he wouldn’t get his way, but alas, it’s going to be a boy. I’m glad someone has the guts to buck the trend! :> I have no suggestions for you though. Anything is better than making him just another in a homogenous line of Franks. :>

Is it worth trying to smooth the waters with [name]Luca[/name] [name]Frank[/name] or [name]Luca[/name] [name]Francis[/name]? Is [name]Luca[/name] Assissi (like St [name]Francis[/name]) too much?

What about a play on the 5 like [name]Luca[/name] [name]Quinn[/name]?

I love [name]Corinne[/name], pronounced Kuh-rin…I would have used it, but I was afraid of pronunciation issues and always having to clarify Core-inn, Kuh-reen, Kuh-rin…
[name]Camille[/name] is also pretty.
What do you think of [name]Franco[/name], [name]Francisco[/name], [name]Francis[/name]?
[name]Alice[/name] is gorgeous.
I love [name]Augustine[/name] & [name]Augusta[/name]
Some names inspired by your family names: [name]Axelle[/name], [name]Beau[/name], [name]Carys[/name], Vinca (for your maiden name, it makes me think of periwinkle)

You ladies are BRILLIANT!!! I knew I stumbled onto this site for a reason.
The [name]Quinn[/name] idea just blew my mind; and I adore the tweaks to my family names. So many options I would never have thought of.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!