The Supersearch - Lost my place

[name]Hi[/name] - I was looking for a thread or comment I thought someone made about making the search results page come out to more than 20 names per page, but could not find it.

I really like that idea - I could use up to 100 names per page so if I am scanning through a list of hundreds and hundreds of names, I don’t have to click 5 times [name]PER[/name] HUNDRED. I don’t need them all on one page if there are over 1000 results, but fewer page clicks would be great. I really like to look at a big broad list of names at once sometimes.

My comment is related to that suggestion:
While looking at the list, sometimes it goes to the next page and nothing is there. A malfunction of some sort, maybe I opened a different search in another tab and it only takes one query at a time, and the most recent overtakes and you end up with no results or very few.

However, I was seriously deep into the list and I had to re-do the search and click 20-30 times to find the spot where I left off. I don’t know if I am exaggerating. It would be great if you could break the search up into page numbers, or in groups like “Sp-Sta, Ste-Sw” or in groups like #401-450, 451-500, etc. So if you have to re-do a search, you can find a page close to where you were instead of wade through from the beginning.

Another comment related to this:
The accent marks cause a basic malfunction in the search and breaks the search so one has to start from the beginning. I know I’ve seen before you still have problems with accent marks. If a name with any diacritic mark appears in the list, not only does the link take you to a page where that name does not have an entry, it breaks the search, even if I selected to open the entry for the name in a new tab. It acts as though I have initiated a new search while the old one was still open because when a name is not in the database, it defaults to the supersearch page, which overrides the original search criteria. This is a problem with the accented names not appearing when you search for them, but it is a hassle, especially when trying to find my way back to the page I was on when I re-specify my original criteria.

When you made your poll in the blog, I had suggested possibly making a way to hover the cursor over the name so the entry would appear in sort of a floating box on the same page - no clicking, no submitting new queries that conflict with one another, no 17 tabs of names open at the same time. I think the benefits of this are that no one will need to give up on searching when it breaks and they have to start over, or it is too overwhelming to keep opening new windows or tabs to see the names they like. Right now, it is kind of a chore if you want a name that starts with a letter (for example), and you don’t want to miss any possibilities hiding in the database - without it, we consider a smaller pool of more familiar names and fail to discover the hidden gems.

So more per page, and hovering, and a way to navigate back if you lost your spot = [name]WIN[/name]! Or “Made of win,” as they say elsewhere on the www.

[name]Hope[/name] there’s some way to fix this and improve the supersearch! Thanks!