Thoughts on Forsythe Hey nee?

Hey berries, I’ve been crushing on the combo Forsythe [name_m]Griffin[/name_m]. Forsythe means man of peace and [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] means strong lord. What do you think? Also, should I spell Forsythe with the E or without it?

Ignore the Hey Nee in the title please.

Forsythe I’m on the fence about it. I don’t hate it it’s just different which isn’t bad. Though I do adore [name_m]Griffin[/name_m]. Have you consider [name_m]Forest[/name_m] [name_m]Griffin[/name_m]?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve considered [name_m]Forest[/name_m] [name_m]Gideon[/name_m], which is really close. I have [name_m]Forest[/name_m] [name_m]Hugo[/name_m] on my list. Forsythe [name_m]Gabriel[/name_m] is another contender.

[name_m]How[/name_m] is Forsythe pronounced? FOR-sigh-th? or FOR-sith?

I like the Forsythe spelling and the first pronunciation I mentioned. It’s a cool name and it sounds nice with [name_m]Griffin[/name_m].

I love the name Forsythe (with an e). It’s a very strong name. However, I think it runs into [name_m]Griffin[/name_m]. I would suggest changing the middle.

Forsythe is pronounced for-si-th (si rhyming with hi)

Forsythe is an interesting choice for a first name, I quite like it! It reads very “posh” to me (it’s a very upper-crusty sounding English surname, which puts me in mind of The Forsyte [name_f]Saga[/name_f]) but it’s certainly distinctive and not too complex. Forsythe [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] is nice, as is Forsythe [name_m]Gabriel[/name_m].

Okay, I clicked on this thread with an initial negative opinion, but actually Forsythe is really cool. You could call him [name_m]Fox[/name_m] or even [name_m]Thor[/name_m], how cool! And [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] is such a cute, lovely name, that you really can’t go wrong with him in the combo.

I quite like it actually. I love [name_m]Griffin[/name_m], and I have a thing for F names for boys!

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I love [name_m]Griffin[/name_m], but I think Forsythe [name_m]Gabriel[/name_m] flows better.

I went with Forsythe [name_m]Peregrine[/name_m].