Thoughts on Niall/Nyle?

Pronounced to rhyme with [name_u]Kyle[/name_u]. What do you all think of this name?

I like [name_u]Niall[/name_u] decently! It seems like an underused name that fits well with popular names.

Niall is lovely! I think that it’s also the best spelling to go with [name_m]Nyle[/name_m] looks sort of off.

I think [name_u]Niall[/name_u] is a nice name :slight_smile:

Love [name_u]Niall[/name_u], not at all fond of [name_m]Nyle[/name_m]

Niall is lovely, the [name_m]Nyle[/name_m] spelling looks made up though. If you’re looking for an alternative spelling I’d suggest [name_u]Nile[/name_u] (as in the river) - it still doesn’t feel as ‘namey’ as [name_u]Niall[/name_u] but it does have something tangible to tie it back to

I like [name_u]Niall[/name_u] a lot. It’s distinctive and sweet

Nyle! Other spelling looks silly to me.

Niall is so handsome and sweet! I think it’s familiar enough (thanks to [name_u]Niall[/name_u] Horan), but still uncommon and special! It’s such an underused gem!
While I 100% prefer the [name_u]Niall[/name_u] spelling, [name_m]Nyle[/name_m] doesn’t look too made up to me because of celebrity [name_m]Nyle[/name_m] DeMarco. Both are lovely :slightly_smiling_face:

I think [name_u]Niall[/name_u] is a great name. Uncommon, but easy to say, and has a nice sound.

It sounds great. Pronunciation could be an issue.

My cousin had a baby a few years ago and named him [name_u]Nile[/name_u]. I wasn’t too sure of the name at first but now I love it and think it is so handsome! I personally prefer the spelling [name_u]Niall[/name_u].