too feminine for a boy??

I was just put on hospital bedrest so this babe is coming sooner rather than later. My husbands #1 name is [name]Jesse[/name]. Which happens to be my greatgrandma and great great grandfathers name. But I really really like it with [name]Campbell[/name] in the middle name, which is a surname on my DHs side.

[name]Do[/name] u think [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] is too feminine, considering they are both unisex names?

What knd of person do you picture [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] to be??

Our other 2 names are: [name]Van[/name] [name]Indiana[/name] and [name]Cruz[/name] [name]Campbell[/name]

Big brothers are [name]Dash[/name] and [name]Mack[/name]! Thanks again everyone.

Absolutely not. [name]Jesse[/name] is a sporty, laid back, likable name for a boy. I have actually only met one female [name]Jessie[/name]. Girls usually get to be [name]Jess[/name] and [name]Jesse[/name] is all boy for me. [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] is great. [name]Campbell[/name] is not unisex, it’s a surname. It can go for either gender. It doesn’t make the name more or less masculine.

[name]Jesse[/name] is very much a boy name to me. I could see the appeal of [name]Campbell[/name] as a girl name cause of the [name]Bell[/name] part of it, but it’s still perfectly boyish as well.

I think this name matches well with your other kid’s names.

I don’t think of [name]Campbell[/name] as being unisex at all, definitely tends to be masculine for me. [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] is a great name for a handsome young man. Has a cowboy feel to it, but [name]Campbell[/name] dresses it up nicely.

[name]Hope[/name] you are well!

I don’t think of [name]Jesse[/name] as a feminine name. A boy named [name]Jesse[/name] would have some very masculine namesakes: [name]Jesse[/name] [name]James[/name] - thinking of the outlaw, rather than that biker) [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Jackson[/name], etc. [name]Campbell[/name] is really a surname, but it’s more masculine sounding to me as well.

A well-balanced name! [name]Love[/name] those two Ss and two Ls. I find [name]Campbell[/name] quite sturdy and Scottish, like [name]Cameron[/name] or [name]Duncan[/name]. Not feminine at all imo. [name]Jesse[/name] is a little bit bad-boy… And I always think of it as an “athletic” sounding name, because of beautiful [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Owens[/name].

Sorry, I dont see how two boys name can be seen as feminine. I’m not the biggest fan of [name]Jesse[/name], but [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] is so so lovely! Doesn’t compare to the other two options [name]IMO[/name]. But I’m going to suggest [name]Van[/name] [name]Maverick[/name]… just for fun.

Absolutely not. [name]Jesse[/name] is a wonderful name for a boy. It’s rough-and-tumble, and very laid-bad.

[name]LOVE[/name] [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name]! Makes me think of a young, blond hair, blue eyed boy who would be in a teen sitcom playing the dashing heartthrob all the girls want!

[name]Long[/name] story short, please use it!

I agree with the others, this name feels very masculine to me, it’s a great name!

[name]Indiana[/name] is far, far girlier to me than [name]Campbell[/name]. I see [name]Indiana[/name] in birth announcements for girls all the time.

[name]Jesse[/name] is a great boy’s name and has a classic strength to it.

Thanks everyone! I had 3 friends tell me it was a girl name so I got all concerned! My other boys are blond hair and blue eyed florida boys…so if he looks like them I think it will fit perfectly!

[name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] is a great name for a boy! Not too feminine at all. I would never look at the name [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] and think girl.

I think [name]Jesse[/name] [name]Campbell[/name] sounds masculine.

I think it is fine! :). I never saw [name]Jesse[/name] for a girl anyway… Maybe because it is my bro’s name :slight_smile:

I love [name]Jesse[/name], I would suggest it to my hubby, but I know he would never go for it! It is quite masculine to me, and I have never heard [name]Campbell[/name] used as a unisex name. Actually I have only heard it as surname. It works imo!

I am a female [name]Jessie[/name], a few people have told me they consider [name]Jessie[/name] a boy’s name. I obviously think it is very unisex.