Totally Stumped... need help!

So my husband and I are completely stumped on boys name for our little one. We don’t know what the sex is yet, but are finding it so difficult to come up with even one boys name that we both like! Some names we do like but can’t use for various reasons include [name]Julian[/name], [name]Leo[/name] and [name]Sebastian[/name]. Our last name begins with K and my husband’s family is [name]German[/name]-speaking Swiss… so the name has to work in both English and [name]German[/name]. Any and all suggestions welcome!!

I don’t speak [name]German[/name], so I don’t know ow much help I can be, but I will try. I have a friend with [name]German[/name] parents named [name]Fabian[/name] which is pretty cool. You like [name]Leo[/name], how about [name]Leon[/name]? [name]Otto[/name], [name]Oscar[/name]/[name]Oskar[/name], [name]Hugo[/name], [name]August[/name] and [name]Adrian[/name] are nice too. Good luck!

I found this website, which lists the 500 most common names given in Germany last year:

I couldn’t find the Swiss statistics. :frowning: There are a lot of familiar names on the [name]German[/name] list, and if [name]German[/name] parents are using them, they must be able to pronounce them in [name]German[/name] pretty well! Here were some of my favorites:

[name]Dominic[/name] / [name]Dominick[/name]
[name]Rafael[/name] / [name]Raphael[/name]

Thanks for the suggestions! Some I really like ([name]Adrien[/name], [name]Oliver[/name]) but DH has strange associations with those names. [name]Raphael[/name] is also great but my sister in law used it last year. [name]Leo[/name] is my mom’s cat’s name, [name]Max[/name] was an old family dog! We have been circling around [name]Sam[/name] ([name]Samuel[/name]) the last few days but I would really like a name that isn’t quite so popular.

I asked DH what he thought about [name]Johan[/name] today and his response was - “comparable to [name]Kimberly[/name], [name]Cindy[/name] or [name]Candy[/name] in the US today.” So I guess any of the older [name]German[/name]-style names are out. He put [name]Theodore[/name] in that bucket too, another one of my favs!

I think I need to get him to come up with some ideas… I’m driving myself partly mad over this! Who knows, maybe it’ll be a girl and all this name searching will be for nothing! Thanks for your help!

I have no experiance with german, but how about:
[name]Emry[/name]/[name]Emery[/name] (I was told Emmrich was the origanal version of this name)
[name]Conard[/name] (don’t know if this is [name]German[/name] or not, but I thought it might go with your last name)

[name]Hope[/name] this helps.

Some random thoughts:

[name]Anton[/name] (a friend just used this on her new baby the other day, very refreshing!)
[name]Janos[/name] (prn. YA-nosh…I heard this name from a [name]German[/name]-speaking couple years ago, not sure about the spelling)
[name]Tomas[/name] / [name]Thomas[/name]

[name]Josef[/name] [name]Maximillian[/name]