Town Names!

Not necessarily a standard naming question, lol! Any ideas for a town name that goes with Solane, Crest, & [name_f]Embla[/name_f]? Those, of course, are the other towns. Oh, and it’s a desert city! TIA!!

Personally I would find some unique and underused names that mean “sunny, dry, bright” then use those as town names. I’ve done that so often! Here are some that I think may work. Also- if you don’t like any of these or want another way to name towns, a helpful thing I’ve found is to use acronyms, and then make that a weird and neat name. Ex- the area above the indigo mountains where my character [name_m]Eustace[/name_m] lives. Taatimpwmcel. Then shorten it to shim thing you like. Tatimel! :wink: it honestly seems crazy but I’ve used it so many times when I couldn’t come up with a name I liked.


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I love that! I love your suggestions as well!

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