Trouble with polls loading

Hello. I have noticed that when I build a poll, and select that voters should be public, sometimes when I go back it will not show me who voted.

It will have little blue drop down arrows but when I click on them it just loads and then does nothing like under the first name in the image.
Also many times when I click on the drop down arrow this pops up:
saying “poll_name”

I was just wondering what was going on.
Thanks so much!


Is this a new issue? Have you seen it working previously?

Thanks for flagging!

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This just happened to me a minute ago!

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Same for @sasha_flynn. He told me this few days ago.

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Well, I don’t really remember seeing it with the old forums, but I have seen it a few times recently.

I had this issue, too! I could only see the results when I voted on my own polls.


Ok I just tried that and it worked for me as well!

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I get the same error!!

I have been voting on my own and then I can see them