Thoughts? I like unusual but well known names so I think this fits. Honest opinions?

I really like [name]Ulysses[/name]! Strangely enough, the [name]Franz[/name] [name]Ferdinand[/name] song made me see it as usable for some reason. I’m not sure if it will get much love, but I would consider using it and I would be delighted to meet a young [name]Ulysses[/name]. I think there’s an old [name]Saturday[/name] [name]Night[/name] Live cast member with a child named this.

I love it - its strong and has character but wonder whether its a tough name for a little kid (in the sense that its so far from main stream and also difficult to spell). Maybe better as a middle name.

It makes me think of the [name]James[/name] [name]Joyce[/name] piece, its a bit much imo.

[name]Ulysses[/name] would be great. There was a [name]Ulysses[/name] in my kindergarten class, so I definitely think it’s usable. “U” is such an underused, quirky letter so I like to see someone considering a “U” name. Of all the male “U” names, [name]Ulysses[/name] is the most familiar and wearable. It is strong and it does have character. I wouldn’t worry about how hard it would be for a child to spell. [name]Aren[/name]'t our names one of the first things we learn to spell? And don’t we spend more of our lives as adults than as children?

[name]Ulysses[/name] is my favorite male U name. I absolutely love it and wish someone would use it! It has so much history and strength and character and I just love it. I agree with everything Southern [name]Maple[/name] said :slight_smile:

If you want a nickname for when he’s a child, Ully, Ule, Ules (like [name]Jules[/name]), [name]Lee[/name] could even work :slight_smile: