Understanding thread closures


I was just wondering what does it mean if a thread gets closed down by a moderator? I noticed that some threads concerning pregnancy announcements, multiples and along with other random threads have been closed by moderator why would the moderator close that thread?

[name_m]Just[/name_m] curious as to what would result in a thread like that being closed by moderator as they don’t contain any bad language or bigotry just wondering

Thank you!

Some/most of those threads are created by fake users. Usually if a thread has been closed you can click on the creator’s profile and see that they’re suspended for fakery. I’m not exactly sure how the mods figure out who is faking though, unless it’s really obvious.


@SeleneMoon thank you the other day I noticed a regular user thread being closed after they announced a pregnancy and honestly I was confused as to why they closed that thread. Would be interesting to know how they know if it’s fakery or not!

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@hyacinthbucket explained it perfectly on a recent thread!


All I’ll add is that sometimes we close threads when they are brought back up from years previous (posts from 2012 on a specific name, for example… we will probably have a more lively discussion if you post a new topic instead) and sometimes we close threads because there are already a million of them like it and we would rather condense those to not clutter up the boards with more of the same (“What would you name twin girls today?”).


@SparkleNinja18 thank you for responding I didn’t realise that there was another question with this info thank you for sharing that answer

@hyacinthbucket that makes sense thank you

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