Unusual A-names

I came across the name [name]Apolline[/name] in an old baby name book last night and it got me thinking about how much I love A-names for girls. What are some more unusual A-names I can add to my list?

I love…



Good luck! :slight_smile:

What a fantastic list! I have not come across many of these (and I’m a name freak :P).I love [name]Acacia[/name], [name]Artemis[/name], [name]Alouette[/name], and [name]Aloisa[/name]. [name]Aloisa[/name] reminds me of the Italian [name]Eloisa[/name], which I’ve been drawn to lately. Thanks [name]Rose[/name]!

You’re welcome, I’m so glad you like them! A names make up much of my top 10, and I especially love the more unusual ones. :slight_smile: I also loved the four that you had listed–[name]Adelia[/name] is going right on my list (it’s the only one that wasn’t already there!)
[name]Alois[/name] was my grandpa’s name, and that’s how I found [name]Aloisa[/name]. [name]Eloisa[/name] is a favorite of mine, too! I also like [name]Eloise[/name] and [name]Elodia[/name] (though that’s getting on a bit of a tangent). :slight_smile:

[name]EDIT[/name]: Oh, and [name]Ayla[/name]. I love the meaning…“halo, moonlight”.
Or Aponi…it’s not on Nameberry but it’s Native American and it means “butterly”.
Apona is slightly different–Hawaiian meaning “embracing”.
[name]Amara[/name] is also cute, it means “lovely forever”.


I love Ailyn and [name]Aislyn[/name].

Aponi is really cool. Would you pronounce it [name]Ah[/name]-[name]PO[/name]-nee or [name]Ah[/name]-po-NEE? [name]How[/name] interesting that there’s a similar Hawaiian name. [name]Love[/name] the meaning of [name]Amara[/name]! [name]How[/name] sweet. Unicorngal, where did you find the name Abasha? I’ve thought about the name [name]Basha[/name], as my husband has some Polish ancestry. And jm, I actually know a little [name]Aislinn[/name] and think it’s beautiful. It suits her very well. Thanks all!

Well, I’ve never met anyone with the name Aponi, but I would naturally say “[name]Ah[/name]-[name]PO[/name]-nee”.
I’m glad you’re liking these names! :slight_smile:

Abasha was my 3rd gr grandmother’s name. I wondered if it was a variant of [name]Bathsheba[/name]? I think [name]Basha[/name] is cute.

I love A names!


There is also Alifair! And [name]Araceli[/name]!

Aderyn - Welsh and means “bird”
[name]Auden[/name] - more unisex but I love it and the nn [name]Audie[/name].

Wow, I’m so impressed with everyone’s responses. [name]Alameda[/name] is really nice. There’s something sort of alluring about [name]Amoret[/name] as well. And I’d totally forgotten about [name]Araceli[/name]! That was on my list years ago.

Disa, thanks for reminding me that I loved [name]Auden[/name]. I actually became a little obsessed with his poetry in high school, but that was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten about him :slight_smile: Our last name ends with -man so I don’t think I could ever use it as a first, but I wonder if I could use it as a middle…

Thanks for giving me lots of new names to add to my list everyone.

Oh, and how could I forget [name]Amaryllis[/name]? She’s on my list. Nn [name]Rilla[/name]? WDYT?

Oh, and:
[name]Amena[/name] (means “Honest”, v. cool) :slight_smile:

There is also [name]Agata[/name], since I saw you liked [name]Agatha[/name] and they are really hardly different.
Those are basically the only ones I can find that haven’t been mentioned yet, this is a great topic! :slight_smile:

PS: Alexa400, I love your list! [name]Azariah[/name] is so cool, and I can’t believe I forgot [name]Araminta[/name], we needed her on here! :slight_smile:


Great topic! :slight_smile:

Sorry for repeats! :slight_smile:


Take care! :slight_smile:


[name]Allegra[/name] and [name]Anouk[/name], two of my faves! There are so many great As out there!