"Uriah Wolfenson + Meliora Honeychurch": Vibes?

For the record, I intend this pair as an “opposites attract” and “star-crossed lovers” type of couple, but what vibes does this pair give you? I want them to sound super cute on paper, which is why their names are so “flowery” (if that’s the right word for it?).

(P.S: Uriah’s middle name is “Mendel” and Meliora’s middle name is “Diane”, if that helps at all.)

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I love these names and think they work very well together!

As far as vibes go, here’s the sort they give me.

[name_m]Uriah[/name_m] [name_m]Mendel[/name_m] Wolfenson: [name_m]Strong[/name_m] but silent. Likes clouds, rain, and thunderstorms in the daytime, but prefers clear nights with stars. Very formal, a bit shy, but kind. Lives in a huge dimly lit stone house with a bunch of stuff. Loves books and has a huge personal library. Very smart, studied at prestigious universities. Is a cat person.

[name_f]Meliora[/name_f] [name_f]Diane[/name_f] Honeychurch: A very sunny personality. Dresses in a lot of yellow. Loves flowers and warm summer days. Social butterfly. Very brave, but the dark makes her nervous. Animal lover. Bubbly, outgoing, and easily makes friends. Lives in a cottage in a small town and works in a cafe. A very smart aspiring author who, contrary to what many believe, likes hanging out in cemeteries because of the peaceful atmosphere.

I hope this was helpful🙂!

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Thank you! You’re actually very on-par with how I envisioned the both of them! [name_m]Uriah[/name_m] is meant to be a silent, stoic, but so protective friend, son, and boyfriend, even if his protectiveness is a little unneeded at times. With strangers or acquaintances, he maintains a polite and guarded demeanor, but with his loved ones, he opens up and reveals the shy, kind, knowledgeable one he is. He’s physically strong and lean, but also is quite the nerd about certain subjects, usually ones related to nature, astronomy, or hunting. He lives in a very secluded area out in the forest with his small family, and he actually met [name_f]Meliora[/name_f] by accident one day while she was out exploring the wilderness.

[name_f]Meliora[/name_f] [name_f]Diane[/name_f] Honeychurch is a young, curious, outgoing woman who aspires to be a teacher someday and pass her knowledge and encouragement onto the next generation! (Between you and me, the name “Ms. Honeychurch” is beautiful!) She’s a bookworm whose favorite pastime is reading with a hot cup of honey chamomile tea; indeed, “honey” is a bit of a running theme with her character due to its sweetness- Hell, she probably even smells like honey. Also, she’s indeed one to dress in a lot of yellow, as it’s her favorite color given its brightness and happy energy. She currently lives in a small, eco-friendly home with her parents, working a part-time job as a waitress until she saves up enough money to get her own place. In terms of pets, [name_f]Meliora[/name_f] is an animal lover who owns a single [name_f]British[/name_f] Shorthair, who’s basically her baby. She fantasizes about finding her perfect man once she’s all settled and marrying him and living happily ever after, yet she’s never had much luck in the romance department aside from one former boyfriend who was mostly a jerk to her.

Together, I want [name_f]Meliora[/name_f] and [name_m]Uriah[/name_m] to complement and contrast each other, assisting each other with their own issues and overcoming their hurdles to ultimately be together in the end. I hope their names can be the very early start of their journeys!

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Oh wow! They really do complement each other and their names really are perfect!

Also, I agree that Ms. Honeychurch is a beautiful surname.

This book sounds like it’s going to be great!

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