V Boy Names?

Does anyone have any suggestions for baby boy names that start with V (other than [name]Victor[/name] or [name]Vincent[/name])?

Here are some:

[name]Vulcan[/name] (only for a die-hard Trekkie though!) :slight_smile:

*= names I like

Thanks, [name]Vander[/name] is pretty cool. I feel like with a lot of these V names it feels like im saying it wrong lol. Like when he says [name]Vander[/name] people will think he said [name]Zander[/name] or something

There are some names that start with W but when pronounced, can start with a “V” sound. Is [name]Willem[/name] one?


Oh yes, don’t forget Vader for a die-hard [name]Star[/name] Wars fan! :slight_smile:

I agree-- a lot of V- names sound like someone chopped off the normal beginning and added a V. Most W- names can be pronounced with a “V” sound though (in many languages “w”=“v”) so names like [name]Villem[/name]/Villiam are perfectly legit. Personally I’d rather spell it with a “W” and pronounce it as a “V” but I know that would cause a lot of confusion…


[name]Victor[/name]! My fave

The only V-names on my boys list is [name]Valdemar[/name] and [name]Vine[/name]…
I found some more though ^^
[name]Valor[/name] - Masculine virtue name (which I’m immediately adding to my list!)
[name]Vail[/name] - Means “valley”
[name]Valley[/name] - [name]River[/name] works, so why not [name]Valley[/name]?
[name]Varan[/name] - Means “water god”
[name]Vermont[/name] - Place name, means “green mountain” which sounds pleasant ^^
[name]Vesper[/name] - Means “evening”. Most known as a [name]Bond[/name]-girl, but if it’s your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to use it for a boy! (it has a rather masculine sound if you ask me!)
[name]Vinci[/name] - As in [name]Leonardo[/name] da [name]Vinci[/name] (for a namesake he’s awesome!), Hungarian form of [name]Vincent[/name]
[name]Vrai[/name] - French word name meaning “true” so it’s another virtue ^^

I would also like to mention [name]Vaughn[/name] again, just because it’s awesome!
I hope this was of help :slight_smile: