Valene ( how would you pronounce this?????)

I quite like the Name [name]Valen[/name] ( as in the fist 2 syllables of [name]VALENtine[/name])

But today I discovered this names :

[name]Valene[/name] here is a link

[name]How[/name] would you pronounce this??? The same as [name]Valen[/name]??? Does the E make it more feminine or is it just a useless letter? Or do you pronounce it differently???


I would pronounce it [name]Val[/name] - een… But maybe it is supposed to be pronounced more in a French way - like Heléne?

I would pronounce it [name]Val[/name]-een.

[name]Valene[/name] [name]Ewing[/name] was a character on the TV show “Knots Landing” and she pronounced it her name “val-EEN”.

I’d say Valayna, but I’m probably in the minority.

Another who’d say “val-een”. The ending is the same as [name]Selene[/name] so I’d pronounce it with the same sound.