What do you think of the name [name]Valentina[/name]? Is it a mouthful? I think it’s beautiful, but I don’t know of any nicknames other than [name]Val[/name] or [name]Tina[/name]. [name]Do[/name] you know of any strong, yet beautiful girls names that aren’t heard often?

I think [name]Valentina[/name] is gorgeous. [name]Selma[/name] Hayek’s daughter is named [name]Valentina[/name] [name]Paloma[/name], a combination that makes me absolutely light-headed. What do you think of [name]Lena[/name] as a nickname?

I love [name]Valentine[/name] myself but [name]Valentina[/name]'s lush and gorgeous. I’d use something a bit less lush than paloma in the middle, myself but then, I’m no movie star! :smiley:
I know a [name]Valentina[/name], she’s 16 this year. [name]Lovely[/name] girl. She’s of Greek descent, so it really fits her, dark har, dark eyes, almost olive skin, divine. I really like [name]Valentina[/name]. (but would use [name]Valentine[/name] because it honors my pop a bit better). If you love it, please use it! What a change from [name]Madison[/name] she’d be! swoon!

I love the name [name]Valentina[/name] and agree that [name]Lena[/name] would be a great nickname for it! I also think [name]Paloma[/name] as a middle is a bit too much. But if you love it, go for it. Especially if you have a relatively simple last name. I am biased because my last name is a bit complicated.

[name]Valentina[/name] is such a lush name! Other strong, exotic names? That’s tough. I think that [name]Cassandra[/name] fits, maybe [name]Miranda[/name], [name]Angela[/name], [name]Nicola[/name] or [name]Florence[/name]? I don’t think any of them are as uncommon as [name]Valentina[/name] though.

[name]Hi[/name] there! I really love [name]Valentina[/name]. Hmm…more names that, like [name]Valentina[/name], are beautiful, not heard often, and strong. Let’s see:

[name]Victoria[/name] (well, it’s heard often, but it’s strong!)

[name]Valya[/name] is the Russian nickname for [name]Valentina[/name]. I can’t think of any more nicknames. Other ideas – [name]Victoria[/name], [name]Katerina[/name], [name]Louisa[/name], [name]Anastasia[/name], [name]Paloma[/name], [name]Dominique[/name], [name]Carmen[/name], [name]Serena[/name], [name]Geneva[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name].

[name]Valentina[/name] is nice, it’s the girl version of [name]Valentino[/name] which is a name I would use for a baby boy.

[name]Valentina[/name] is beautiful, an excellent choice.