Video game baby names - discuss

I thought it would be interesting to see what Namberry users think about this subject. My daughter’s name [name]Kairi[/name] (pronounced [name]Ky[/name] - ree) is a video game baby name, and it is really not found in books or websites. It is however found here, on Nameberry, also in at least one of their books that I’ve read.

Most of the internet and real world seems to shun video game names as a possibility for an actual human’s name. Why? What’s the big deal? People have been names for their parents favourite movie hero, or tv show character in the past. Names have been taken from books, and comic books alike. They’ve been found in the trees, flowers, and stars. So why not from a video game? My generation was raised on video games (I am 27) and to me, they are just as much a book, or movie, they tell a story, have a main character, sub characters and vast plot lines.

I realize there are some extreme names in video games that maybe shouldn’t be touched, but there are people out there naming their children ridiculous names without the influence of a video game, so it’s always up to the parents discretion. I don’t see what’s wrong with my daughters name, and if I wanted to keep up the theme, and name any more children after a fvourite charachter, why should that be so looked down upon?

But that’s my opinion - what’s yours? :?:

I agree, names from videogames are the same as names from a book or TV show. The only thing what is different is that nowadays the older people arent familiar with games and are like ‘what did you do? are you crazy?’.

If you love a name, and it isnt too weird, use it. I would name my child some name of World of Warcraft (like [name]Topher[/name] or Laando), but I could see myself naming a child [name]Lara[/name] ([name]Lara[/name] Croft) or [name]Dawn[/name] or [name]Lucas[/name] (pokemon games) something among those lines.