votes please:)

pierce nero

we need a n or m middle name that isnt michael or nathaniel.
last name 2 syllables ending in -ons
suggestions are welcome too:)

I think that [name]Pierce[/name] is very handsome, but with [name]Pierce[/name] [name]Nero[/name], the s sound from [name]Pierce[/name] attaches to the N in [name]Nero[/name], and I hear Pier Sneero, like the word “sneer.” The same thing will happen with M names, but for some reason, I think it’s more obvious with the N names.

[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Maxfield[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Montgomery[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]McKinley[/name] (or any Mc name…)

I think that longer middle names sound great with your last name!

Good luck!

hahaha thats a good point i never really thought about that. haha. but thanks much. i know its dificultfor names with onle m or n. all of our children have m or n. as m is my middle name (marie) and n is my husbands (nathaniel). thanks:)

ok what about…
pierce maddox
pierce maxwell
pierce milo (i dont reaslly like this one. i feel like milo is to femmine)
pierce matteo (im iffy cause i have a son named matthew and i dont know if it would be to similar even for a middle name)
just some ideas:) any more would be helpful! thanks!

pierce maddox: I think something longer sounds better in terms of flow, but I only think of [name]Maddox[/name] [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name].
pierce maxwell: I think this is very, very handsome! (But I do hear Pier Smacks Well when I say it out loud.) If you’re not bothered by the S sound attaching to the M, I think this is a very, very handsome combination.

pierce milo: I love [name]Milo[/name], but with [name]Pierce[/name], I think it sounds like Pier Smile-oh.

pierce [name]Matteo[/name]: With a son named [name]Matthew[/name], I personally wouldn’t use [name]Matteo[/name] in the middle.

[name]Pierce[/name] Magellan
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Macaulay[/name] (although with that s sound and the M, I hear Pier Smack-aulay)
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Malcolm[/name] (I think longer names work better with the flow, though…)
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Miller[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Malachy[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Maguire[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] MacNeil
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Mitchell[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Nicholas[/name] (very S heavy, though, and that whole S sound thing with the M is happening…)
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Nickelby[/name] (Less S, but when I say it out loud, I hear Snickelby…)

I’m posting at an odd hour, and I’m sure that more people will reply when a more normal hour rolls around! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Great suggestions so far.

My contribution -

[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Monroe[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Marcellus[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Michaiah[/name]/[name]Micaiah[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Nicolai[/name]
[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Nolan[/name]

[name]Pierce[/name] Nichols
[name]Pierce[/name] Malton

[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Nolan[/name] makes a great combo doesn’t it?

[name]Pierce[/name] [name]Morgan[/name] Proud of this combo too