I just heard about a little girl named [name]Wanda[/name] in our area.

I’m curious as to what your reaction would be if you heard this name on a little girl.

My reaction was “That’s interesting.” I’m not sure if it was a family name, but I think she wears it well.

That’s an unexpected name! My initial thought was of the character from the [name]Magic[/name] School Bus videos named [name]Wanda[/name] :). I’m usually open to names that might be described as “dated,” but this would be an exception. I think it would be hard to modernize [name]Wanda[/name]. That being said, some kids have a knack for making a not-so-great name seem cute and fresh.

I agree, that is unexpected. I don’t love it. Sure, it’s unique, but I personally have a hard time picturing it on a young girl today.

To be honest, the first things I think of are an old lady and the fairy god mother on Fairly Odd Parents. I don’t think it’s a horrible name, it just doesn’t have great associations.

A fish named?
I admit, my first fish’ name was [name]Wanda[/name], I am therefore very attracted to it!
My favourite W girls name.

I’m an '80s baby, and I think of [name]Doogie[/name] Howser’s girlfriend on [name]Doogie[/name] Howser, M.D. My memory is way too long.

I actually like it.

I think it’s sort of cute, but I know 2, one who’s a teen and they both hate their names so much that they go by middle names.

There’s something about the name [name]Wanda[/name] that’s just… bad.

I think of [name]Marvel[/name]'s [name]Scarlet[/name] Witch, who’s alter ego is [name]Wanda[/name]. Probably because it alliterates with Witch.

I prefer [name]Wendy[/name]. Or [name]Winter[/name]. Or even, bear with me, [name]Winifred[/name].

It’s horrid but I love it.

My brain automatically fills in ‘And [name]Cosmo[/name]’
Beyond that I hate it.

Yikes. I don’t like it at all. It’s seems to be one of those dated names that with forever be stuck in the past. Like a pp, I thought of the girl in the [name]Magic[/name] School Bus books and videos.

I think it’s cute and spunky. It’s not beautiful or romantic or anything like that, but it’s strong. With the right girl it makes a great name.

I think it has potential to make a comeback. (in that I’d like to see it make a comeback) It has a strong (almost intimidating) feel to it, so I can see why it hasn’t quite escaped the old “dated sin-bin”. If I heard someone had named their daughter [name]Wanda[/name], I’d be pleasantly surprised, but don’t think I would use it personally.

It makes me think of A [name]Fish[/name] Called [name]Wanda[/name].

[name]Wanda[/name] is my mom’s name, so of course I think of her. My mom its very petite and would definitely fall into the category of “spunky” or “fiery” and very stubborn lol. She’s from south [name]Alabama[/name], where it was a very common name for girls in her generation. I think it’s cute and might consider using it as a middle name or something, but I don’t know if I would if it weren’t my mother’s name. She has sisters named [name]Connie[/name], ([name]Anna[/name]) [name]Lisa[/name], and [name]Edie[/name] ([name]Edith[/name]).

I think it’s pretty dated. [name]Wendy[/name], however, is cute and fresh.

My first thought was the Fairly-Odd Parents. The the [name]Magic[/name] School Bus. But beyond those pop culture references, it seems a bit back-country Southern to me. Not really my taste.

I agree with pp that [name]Wendy[/name] is a better choice.

I really don’t like it for a little girl. It’s my grandmothers name, and I like it on her. But it’s dated for a baby.