Want to use family names, not sure which to let go

I could use some help with our boy name. We’re set on a girl name, and we’re running out of boy names we both like. Our last name starts with S and is similar to [name]Simpson[/name].

We’ve tried, when we’ve used a first name that’s a bit unusual, to use a more common middle name. So we’re keeping that in mind. We would like to use the grandfathers’ first names as middle names, which would be [name]Walter[/name] [name]Bruce[/name]. But we’ve already used my FIL’s mn ([name]James[/name]) as a mn, so we might be able to get away with just [name]Bruce[/name]. But I like the combo of [name]Walter[/name] [name]Bruce[/name].

We have considered using [name]Morris[/name], a family name, and calling him [name]Moss[/name]. Dh really pushed for this last time; actually, he wanted just [name]Moss[/name], but I said no, and suggested [name]Morris[/name] instead. But [name]Morris[/name] [name]Walter[/name] [name]Bruce[/name] [name]Simpson[/name] sounds really awkward to me. My brother’s name has a similar 2-2-2-2 rhythm, and his name doesn’t sound odd me, but this does. And dh is not crazy about it.

Another option is to use [name]Morris[/name] as a mn and still call him [name]Moss[/name]. If we did that, we would definitely have to give up [name]Walter[/name] [name]Bruce[/name]. I like [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Morris[/name], [name]Charles[/name] [name]Morris[/name], [name]George[/name] [name]Morris[/name], names like that. I was looking over a family tree and saw that my great-grandmother’s family came from a place called [name]Glen[/name] [name]Morris[/name], and that struck me as a nice name. I’m not super crazy about [name]Glen[/name], except as a “filler” name; if he decided he hated being called [name]Moss[/name] or [name]Mo[/name] or [name]Morris[/name], I would have a hard time calling him [name]Glen[/name]. My dh does like it, though. Other names we like: [name]Augustus[/name] (but I don’t like how it sounds with [name]Morris[/name]), [name]Pascal[/name], [name]Mercer[/name], [name]Reuben[/name]. I’m not sure that [name]Morris[/name] is common enough to anchor those, though.

So –
[name]Morris[/name] [name]Walter[/name] [name]Bruce[/name]
[name]Samuel[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]Charles[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]George[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]John[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]Glen[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]Morris[/name] [name]Glen[/name]
[name]Pascal[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]Mercer[/name] [name]Morris[/name]
[name]Morris[/name] [name]Mercer[/name]
[name]Reuben[/name] [name]Morris[/name]

[name]Morris[/name] feels really difficult to work around; maybe that’s what we should let go. But there isn’t anything else we really, really like, and we were down to [name]Morris[/name] and [name]Anders[/name] with our youngest.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

Although I prefer the spelling [name]Maurice[/name] to [name]Morris[/name], I think if you love [name]Walter[/name] [name]Bruce[/name], you should go with it. Could you rearrange it?
What about [name]Walter[/name] [name]Morris[/name] [name]Bruce[/name]? You keep the same names, you can still call him [name]Moss[/name] (which I love, to honour [name]Moss[/name] [name]Hart[/name], whose first name was [name]Moshe[/name]), and it sounds better.

Dh also suggested [name]Maurice[/name], but I see it as a different name, pronounced mo-[name]REECE[/name]. Not crazy about it.

I hadn’t thought about mixing them up like that – it does sound better, but I’m not sure how I feel about having [name]Walter[/name] as his actual first name. Hmmm.


I do like [name]Walter[/name] much more than [name]Morris[/name], and it seems like the more natural fit with [name]Darwin[/name], [name]Solomon[/name], [name]Miriam[/name], [name]Rasmus[/name], and [name]Anders[/name]. I also like [name]George[/name] [name]Morris[/name] and [name]Glen[/name] [name]Morris[/name].

agirlinred – part of what I like about [name]George[/name] is that my daughter really wanted our last baby to be named [name]George[/name]. I think she would be thrilled with it.

[name]George[/name] is one of my personal favorites. If you named him [name]George[/name] I think that would be a sweet connection between [name]Miriam[/name] and this baby. :slight_smile: