Warren pronunciation

See the results of this poll: How would you instinctively pronounce Warren? Where are you from?

Respondents: 28 (This poll is closed)

  • woh-ren (UK): 5 (18%)
  • woh-ren (not UK): 6 (21%)
  • war-en (UK): 2 (7%)
  • war-en (not UK): 14 (50%)
  • other (please comment): 1 (4%)

I’d say woh-ren - am in the UK. I’ve never heard it pronounced anything other than woh-ren.

I would say woh-ren and I’m from Australia.

I completely lose the middle of the name. It kind of comes out wah-ren. I am from the US, but I have a strong New [name]England[/name] accent. I’ve heard it pronounced war-en (like the words war and in smooshed) though.

I know how I say it, but I can’t vote because I’m not sure what your phonetic spellings mean. Saying “like [word]” might not help, because it’s likely you have a different accent and say the point of comparison differently as well. I saw it like the word war.

I say it like jadediana. I have an Uncle [name]Warren[/name] and we all prn it as “wah-ren” (ah as in “say ah” for the doctor). I grew up in NY. I pronounce “war” to rhyme with “score” so it is definitely not the first sound in the name for me

I have to agree with triplicate. I’m american and pronounce like the words WAR and IN smooshed, and both those words said with an American accent. The stress is on the first syllable.

Out of curiousity why are you asking? I don’t think this is a name you can “train” people to say differently from how they want to, and frankly, the pronunciation differences in your poll seem subtle at best.

Thankyou all for your votes!

To clarify:
The woh-ren pn is the same as you would call a rabbit’s home.
The other’s first syllable is “war” (war-en).

In the UK they have very different sounds (it may be different elsewhere - thats why I was asking!). I just wanted to know what the majority of people would go for… and even though this is a name I love, I really don’t want to name my son a name which is regularly going to be mispronouced (well, in my mind anyway!!) to contain the word “war” especially as the stressed syllable…

Many thanks, [name]Betty[/name]

In [name]Canada[/name] at least, a rabbit’s home is also said with the word “war”…