WDYT of Araxie?

This is a name of one of the main (female) characters from a novel about an Armenian family.
I’ve never heard it anywhere else and it isn’t in a lot of name databases. I think its a really interesting and strong name (apparently its to honor a river in Armenia) but wondered what others opinions are?

[Note, I’m not planning to use the name, just wanted to see what impressions it gives]

Makes me think of Waxie (a popular corporate-supply hand sanitizer) and Arachnid.

I picture a woman who’s a bit sharp/harsh, strict and stiff.

Makes me think of arachnids and anthrax.

I also think of anthrax.

Wow, I never thought of arachnid or anthrax! As soon as you all pointed it out it seemed really obvious though! Interesting. :slight_smile:

And my first association was anorexia!