WDYT of Mila?

My cousin is having a baby, and she has no idea what to name her so I’m helping her out. She wants to honor her grandmother, who’s name is [name]Camila[/name]. Her brother’s name is [name]Milo[/name], and her name is [name]Pamela[/name]. So I came up with [name]Mila[/name], which is pronounced MY-LUH. It has the -mila part in [name]Camila[/name], though pronounced differently, it sounds like a form of [name]Milo[/name], and its even similar to the -mela part in [name]Pamela[/name]. The only problem with it is that it sounds a bit like [name]Miley[/name], and [name]Pamela[/name] hates [name]Miley[/name] [name]Cyrus[/name]. I like it, but what does everyone else think? And what do you think of [name]Milla[/name], pronounced MILL-LUH, like in [name]Camilla[/name]?

I’ve only heard [name]Mila[/name] pronounced mee-la. I don’t really like the sound of my-la. It could be a nickname for [name]Milena[/name], [name]Amelia[/name], or [name]Camellia[/name], too.

[name]Mila[/name] (my-luh) sounds a little odd to me - it reminds me of mylar baloons. Plus, it is very similar to [name]Miley[/name]. I love [name]Milla[/name] (mill-uh) though! It’s classy.

I adore [name]Milla[/name]! It’s been on my list of favourites for so long, it just seems classy but sweet and savvy at the same time.

Having said that, I’m not really a fan of [name]Mila[/name] (pronounced either My-lah or Mee-lah). It seems like an attempt at [name]Milla[/name] so why not just use that?

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

I, too, pronounce the name mee-la, so pronunciation may be an issue.

I think that [name]Camila[/name] is beautiful. (I’m only familiar with the [name]Camilla[/name] spelling, though.)

What about [name]Camille[/name] or [name]Amelia[/name] (still kind of close to [name]Milo[/name])?

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Pronounced like My-la, I think of balloons. I also think of [name]Paul[/name] McCartney’s song “My [name]Love[/name]”:

I think spelled “[name]Mila[/name],” she stands an excellent chance of being called “me-la” by 99% of people, but I did know a [name]Nina[/name] who pronounced it like the number 9-ah. If you try to spell it ‘[name]Myla[/name],’ it looks a lot more like mylar - will be pronounced more probably correct, but won’t seem to have as strong a connection to the names she’s trying to honor. [name]Mila[/name] pronounced Mill-a or Mee-la, or [name]Milla[/name] are pretty good - I think it honors the relatives a little more smoothly, is a pretty blend-in/stand-out kind of name to me, doesn’t sound like a take-off on [name]Miley[/name], or balloons. The only disadvantage is is doesn’t remind me of any [name]Paul[/name] McCartney songs, but then most names don’t.

I would have pronounced it Mee-la too.

[name]How[/name] interesting! Everyone I asked about [name]Mila[/name] said they would say it MY-LUH. Maybe its because they all knew [name]Milo[/name] and they were used to seeing those letters being pronounced that way. [name]Myla[/name] is being considered as well, I think [name]Pamela[/name] is liking it. She is also fond of [name]Maya[/name] and [name]Mina[/name], so what do you think of those? And [name]Milla[/name], unfortunately, has just been crossed off the list. I love it, and so does everyone else, but [name]Pam[/name] has the final say and she doesn’t like it.

Thanks for all the feedback!

I’d pronounce [name]Mila[/name] Mee-lah too…

other possibilities are [name]Milena[/name], [name]Mina[/name], Ludmilla or [name]Melina[/name]…

If [name]Mila[/name] is going to be pronounced the way you want it to be where you are living now, then I say go for it! I pronounce it Mee-lah, too, but I also pronounce [name]Milo[/name] My-low, so I could see it going the way you want it to!

[name]Pamela[/name] likes [name]Tabitha[/name] as well, but she doesn’t want to seem too [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Parker[/name]. Although I do adore [name]Tabitha[/name], [name]Tibby[/name] makes a lovely nickname, don’t you think?

I also pronounce [name]Mila[/name] as Mee-la and I love it! (NOT sure how I feel about [name]Mila[/name] pronounced My-la, though; it seems like a counterintuitive pronunciation, and I don’t love the way it sounds, though I can sort of see the appeal). [name]Myla[/name] just doesn’t look right somehow.

What about [name]Millicent[/name] nn [name]Millie[/name]?

I saw that your cousin is also considering [name]Tabitha[/name] and I think [name]Millicent[/name] actually has a similar charm to it, while still honoring the relatives.

Thank you, I will definitely suggest [name]Millicent[/name] to her. I love it, and I adore [name]Millie[/name], so maybe she will as well.