WDYT of Slater?

What do you think of the name [name]Slater[/name]? Is it usable, or do you think it sounds too dated? What is your opinion of the association with the character A.C. [name]Slater[/name] ([name]Albert[/name] [name]Clifford[/name] [name]Slater[/name] is great name, if you ask me) from Saved by the [name]Bell[/name]?

I’ve never seen Saved by the [name]Bell[/name], but I love the name [name]Slater[/name]. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be usable.

[name]Slater[/name] from Saved by the [name]Bell[/name] definitely comes to mind immediately. I think most people born in the 70’s and 80’s will have that association. That being said, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s kind of like the name [name]Forrest[/name] for me. I love the name, but so many people think of [name]Forrest[/name] Gump. I’d still use it if you really like the name.

Sorry, it makes me think of the creepy crawly.

I want to like it, and I like the look of it, but it just sounds so harsh to me when said aloud. :confused:

as with the pp, I also hear another name for the bugs. :frowning: i read it in a book a long time ago and the association stuck.

I think it’s ready to shake it’s 90s image. No one in little [name]Slater[/name]'s peer group will make the connection and [name]Slate[/name] is a great nn. It’s way cooler sounding than most of the preppy surname names cause it feels gray & naturey/stony/hard.

I really this name! I don’t think the Saved by the [name]Bell[/name] reference is too big anymore!
and the nn [name]Slate[/name] is super cute!

It doesn’t make me think of anything negative. I think it’s quite nice and not dated at all.

hmm I don’t know. I think it could work well though it just sounds a little harsh to me. Also it reminds me of the name [name]Sloane[/name] which I really can’t stand.

It is all Saved By The [name]Bell[/name] to me. I can get over certain names that have strong associations if I see it used elsewhere, but I don’t have any other association for [name]Slater[/name] besides that TV show. :frowning:

As I grew up watching Saved by the [name]Bell[/name] I automaticallly think of [name]Slater[/name] from Saved by the [name]Bell[/name]. However, most kids today would not know about that show so only adults would associate the name with the show. Have you considered the name [name]Slade[/name]?

Saved by the bell or a serial killer.

Yep, my first thought is Saved By the [name]Bell[/name], but that was my generation–I’m not sure that other generations would make that connection.

I’m not really fond of it, but I actually sorta like [name]Slate[/name]–without the r. That feels much more modern to me.

When I was little I accidentally read [name]Slater[/name] as Slayer once and ever since then the name [name]Slater[/name] reminds me of slayer. Logically, of course, that doesn’t make sense but [name]Slater[/name] does have a harsh sound to it.

1st thing I thought of was AC [name]Slater[/name]…that being said, kids today aren’t going to have a clue. I do prefer [name]Slate[/name] over [name]Slater[/name] though, but don’t love either.

I was thinking about it more today, I can’t believe I forgot about [name]Christian[/name] [name]Slater[/name]! He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is an actor I really like.

As for the suggestions of [name]Slate[/name]/[name]Slade[/name], we had a family friend when I was younger who had a brat of a son named [name]Slade[/name]. Also, I don’t think [name]Slade[/name] would sound as good with my last name as [name]Slater[/name] ([name]Slater[/name] [name]Page[/name] vs. [name]Slade[/name] [name]Page[/name]).

yikes! actually with your last name, I’d say to steer clear of the name.

[name]Slater[/name] [name]Page[/name] sounds like “slate or page”

What about [name]Silas[/name], [name]Sullivan[/name], [name]Sawyer[/name]?

It’s okay but the slay sound bothers me a bit.