WDYT of Xander?

[name]Xander[/name] - can it stand alone or would it be better to have given name as [name]Alexander[/name]? [name]Do[/name] you prefer [name]Xander[/name] or [name]Zander[/name] spelling?

I personally view [name]Xander[/name] as a nickname for [name]Alexander[/name], and think it feels insubstantial/trendy on its own. I have a hard time picturing an adult [name]Xander[/name] (it feels like [name]Jax[/name] to me), but I can see it on a child.

With [name]Alexander[/name], you get two names in one, and a more traditional name to fall back on in adulthood.

So, my vote is for [name]Alexander[/name], nn [name]Xander[/name].

Good luck!

I agree with [name]Jill[/name]. [name]Xander[/name] sounds like a great name for a little kid but when he’s older he would probably prefer something more substantial and recognized. So I say [name]Alexander[/name] nn [name]Xander[/name] too but if you were to go with just [name]Xander[/name] as a stand alone name I would strongly recommend spelling it [name]Xander[/name] not [name]Zander[/name] and following it up with a mn like [name]Benjamin[/name] or [name]Edward[/name]. In the end if he looks like a [name]Xander[/name] to you then I say go for it!

Good [name]Luck[/name]:slight_smile:

I agree, but I met a young man named [name]Sandor[/name]. It is a Hungarian version of [name]Alexander[/name]. He seemed mature.

I strongly dislike [name]Alex[/name] & [name]Xander[/name] I like [name]Sasha[/name] as a nickname for [name]Alexander[/name] or [name]Alexei[/name].


i prefer the spelling [name]Zander[/name], and I have a 8 year old cousin named this.

Thanks jacjac. I agree with others that [name]Xander[/name] is best left as nickname for [name]Alexander[/name], but I wonder if [name]Zander[/name] could be considered a separate name?

I’m not expecting right now, so it’s just for fun.

My friend recently named her son [name]Zander[/name]. I like [name]Zander[/name] as stand alone name and [name]Xander[/name] as nn.